Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rep. Duncan Hunter's Got It

PZ Myers (Pharyngula) has a network of folks who send him links to on-line polls. Mostly they are like this one: Stupid, leading questions meant to elicit stupid, misled answers. Often they have to do with religious supersitions, like "Do you believe in God?"

We Pharyngulites, in our thousands, then set about to skew the results wildly and improbably against the impetus of the leading queries. Today, Pharyngulites are overloading the Congressional website of California GOPuke/Flying-monkey/fucktard Duncan Hunter.

Warning: When I tried to access the page, I couldn't get in. Pharyngulosis had occurred. We crashed the fucker...
Even if he does try to clumsily word his polls to drive answers towards the one he wants — we're smart enough to see through that and boldly click where we want. Let's surprise Congressman Duncan Hunter with the vigor of our response.
Do you support a government imposed healthcare policy?
even if it requires tax increases. 54.2%
No, we can reform health-care without a government-run plan that limits choice. 44.4%
Unsure 1.4%
The numbers/percent cited in the quoted post were accurate as of 9:07, EDT. Pharyngulate at will, friends! Late reports have "Yes" at over 80%. You too can join the festivities.

UPDATE: At 9:25 AM, MDT, 82 percent had voted "Yes." The page is loading very slowly and baulkily. Also,our activities seem to have awakened the sleeping Freepers. Redoubled efforts are required. Remember Chicago: Vote early and often!

UPDATE (4:12 PM MDT): That fucking pussy took the poll down.

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