Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is Shamwow Playing 11-D Chess Again?

A lot of folks have attributed near mystical powers to ThePrez' abilities to succeed. He has a lot of what's left of his prestige riding on using the Catfood (on Defecit Reduction) commission to placate the GOPukes and do the final bidding of the Masters: destroy the remainder of the New Deal.

Here's how it's set up for the Catfood Commission's recommendations, the 11-D Obamanauts believe: The ol' good cop/bad cop play. Simpson is the bad cop. He's making such outrageous noise that when Pres. Shazama comes back with cuts that aren't so extreme, looks reasonable, and while taking it up the ass, still, the people are grateful for the lube.

But the way the Commission is set up, Woody doesn't agree with that assessment.
AFAIK, the Catfood Commission will send up to Capital (stet) Hill on Wednesday a list of recommendations to which a minimum of 14 of the Commissioners will have agreed to (keeping in mind that there were only 4 commissioners named who were "pro" SS/Med, which number never COULD have blocked the final report).
The agreement by which the Commission was engaged stated that BOTH Houses of Congress must then pass the package, unamended, in an up/down vote. The result, if yea, goes to the pres to sign or veto.

So the good cop/bad cop scenario is both spurious and superfluous.

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