Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Snake, Boss!" "Kill it, boy!" A World-wide Hippies Soap-Box Proclamation

Hola Hippies and friends around the world. This is John Konopak, citizen journalist in Albuquerque, New Mexico, climbing the World-Wide Hippies Soap box to deliver

An Open Letter to the Anarcho/Libertarian Revolutionary Cube-Rats of the Globe, who yearn for a world free from ALL the constraints of "Government":

Esteemed fellow citizens:

Lemme see if I got this straight...

Amid a life lived beginning daily when you drag your weary, objecting carcass out of bed so you can be there when your BOSSES tells you when to begin work;

And the Bosses telling you what clothes you must, may, may not, or can wear;

And the Bosses telling you what tasks you must perform, and at what rate;

Them saying how long you must, may, or can work, and for what pay;

Saying when you may eat, and break  and how long you may take;

Saying when you may relieve your bodily functions and how long that may occupy;

The Bosses declaring unilaterally what wage you will receive, and under what conditions you will receive it;

Deciding, mainly on whim or prejudice, whether your lot will improve, or decline, your pay rate grow or shrink;

Them deciding what supervisory/regulatory intrusions you must accept, up to and including self-incriminatory drug tests and spying on your on-line communications;

Authorizing or forbidding when you may take a holiday;

Authorizing what medical procedures you may or may not have, including birth control;

Your BOSSES decreeing when you may--or may not--go home;

Approving or disapproving of with whom you may share your life and home, including which benefits they may participate in, and how you may spend such idle time as you are permitted,...

What you're telling me izzat, after absorbing and tolerating all that OVERT, obvious, oppressive, manipulative, unjustified, abusive intrusion and manipulation of your life-world by your BOSSES, still you and your co-workers are complaining about all the control the GOVERNMENT exerts over your lives?


(A Facebook correspondent, Jeff Mincey, inscribed the first version of this; I'v ecribbed some of his points, and added my own.)

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