Friday, September 7, 2012

Who Sold the Farm?

Citizen journalist John ("Dr. Woody/99er") Konopak reminds the easily distracted of the ironies implicit in Bill "Clenis" Clinton's eager and prominent participation in the DNC, given his role, and his regime's complicity, in the demise of Glass-Steagall and the subsequent cataclysmic financial crises which STILL have not run their courses. They ALL KNEW what they were doing! This vid first appeared on World-Wide Hippies dot com, and was also picked up by The Greanville Press dot com, also.<
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Well, hola, there, ladies and gents, boys and girls, hippies and straights around the world. This is your old companero, Dr. Woody--John Konopak, citizen journalist in Albuquerque New Mexico, and today I'm scrambling atop the magnificent and storied WWH/CJE Citizen's Soap-box to discuss one answer to the abiding question: WHO SOLD THE FARM?

By the time you read/hear this, Former President Bill Clinton will have already had prominent role in the unfolding DNC procedings, in Charlotte. His participation will have inevitably been attended by references to the successes of his regime: Lilies gilded to within one tenth of a gram of their carrying capacity, Clinton will bask in acclaim and adulation.

 So, if you are going to subject yourself to the festivities, if you suffer from some irony deficiency, perhaps, and need to stock-pile against some future shortage, I want to focus on just ONE aspect of the Clinton regime which seems to me to be highly glossed-over and will have been carefully avoided in the clamor: His connection and indeed, complicity in the devastating banking crisis of 2007-and onward, the effects of which have not substantially dissipated for average Americans even five years later.

It is worth remembering that it was Bill "Clenis" Clinton who sold the farm on financial deregulation.

At the behest of his crack team of economic superstars, Robert (Citibank) Rubin, Harvard's misogynist Larry Summers, Allen (I call him "Ayn") Greenspan and their towel-boy, Timmeh Geithner at the NYC Fed, Clenis at LEAST turned a blind eye on--if they didn't actually collude with--the plans of Phil Gram and the rest of the  corpoRat-owned Neo-libs in the GOP to repeal Glass-Steagall and reverse significant Depression-era reforms; reforms that were keeping retail and investment "banking" separate, and had mostly kept the psycopathic greed-heads from refucking the Economy, as they had in '29.

 SO: Cui Bono? Who profits, the wise old Roman cynic Cicero always asked with his plangent double dative!

 Obviously: The bankstas, who are genetically averse to risking their OWN money, but who are pathologically eager to risk OTHER PEOPLE'S money and skim the take.

Heretofore, Glass-Steagal had forbidden bankstas from looting commercial assets for extra investment capital. That was what the Glass-Steagall did. But it was stricken, and replaced by Gram-Leach-Bliley which, with a subsequent measure that enabled the credit default swap garbage (the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, 2000; enacted by Clenis on his way out the door toward untold riches)...sowed the seeds for the coming crises.

 Once that was done, what followed in '07-09 was fucking inevitable, and they fucking KNEW it...

 How do I know they knew? The logical process is called "abductive," also "adductive," not to be confused with the silver tape--though they have surprisingly similar properties, with which I won't trouble you now. The question is "How do I know they knew?"

 Ask yourself: Why ELSE would Rubin have so swiftly resigned from the cabinet and scurried, rat-like, over to Citibank, to cash in." Did any of 'em LOSE money? As another Roman said: "Ipso facto! Q.E.D."
 It's a puzzler we can chew over when I see you at the beach, chers...Paz!

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