Friday, March 15, 2013

As the Cookie Crumbles: Habent Papem, Non Habent Mamem.

I've decided that my main interest in the new Pope is to make Catholics uncomfortable about him, as the SPIRITUAL HEAD of their Church, right from the from the start, such that they will want to reject him and whatsoever "teachings" he propounds, and leave the Church in disgust and shame and confusion over the cognitive dissonances of it all.

He could NOT have been a person high in the Church hierarchy during the Dirty War and NOT have known what the Generals were doing
This "Pope" is a full-on player in the power game. DIRTY-DIRTY-DIRTY! Steeped in the blood and the stench of injustice.

The Dirty War: "Anti-communism" radiating from Washington permitted anything. Kissinger and the CIA had already taken down Allende. You could do ANYTHING against the "Communists."

And the Dude went right along, including with the junta policy of "disappearing' protesters.

He never complained.

Never tried to intervene.

That he's alive and powerful--0that he's the goddam POPE, today--is proof positive of his complicity: Cuz if he objected, they'd have killed him; like the Rightwing Junta did Cardinal Romero in Salvador when he tried to object.

Papa Frankie's a fucking fascist pig.

As is anyone who reaches that kind of power in that medieval monstrosity called the Church.

The Catholic Church sure seems to appreciate consistency, naming now a South American fascist as the new Pope, after having had the REAL McCOY--der Echte-- since 2005, and a Polish anti-communist before that, and then the endless line of Italian fascisti back some centuries. The Church probably suggested the institutional shape and characteristics of "fascismo" to Mussolini.

As for 'reform": He's a Jesuit. The Jesuits were created  1540 (?) as an arm of the 'church militant,' as defenders of the faith, God's Marines, the Pope;s Enforcers, the shock-troops of the COUNTER-REFORMATION. 

So don't look for any breaches in dogma from Papa Frankie...No, no. He's old school.

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