Wednesday, May 15, 2013

As the Cookie Crumbles: A Tempest in a Tea-Bag


All this faux outrage from the Fundie/Fuckwitted Righturds at the IRS allegedly paying TOO- close attention to the applications of hundreds of Tea-bagger groups for tax-exemt status is stupefying.

Woody's down-right gob-smacked!

It's not like the GOPhux--such as BOTH Bushes, the Reagan and Nixon regimes DID NOT use the IRS to persecute dissidents. The Chimperor, alone, had his IRS investigate Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, Greenpeace and the NAACP. No, really. And remember ACORN?

This "scandal" is akin to and reminiscent of the brouhaha which erupted after HSA announced findings about potential "Righturd/Fundie" fux' terrorist proclivities, in 09... The screams of outraged purity and innocence coulda resurrected Raygun.  The HSA was FORCED to retract the warning and apologize after the Consevatoids had their hissy-fit of affronted nobility.

But that gutless punk, Pres. Shamwow F. LowBar has AGAIN apologized? What the frack?
What the fuck for?

This is an invented scandal. Federal regulatory agencies routinely monitor the activities of those whom they supervise:

The EPA investigates and monitors probable/potential violators of (some) pollution/water/air quality regs...
The HSA investigates and monitors alleged/potential terrorists; the FBI creates 'em, so they can bust 'em on national TV..
The Treasure Dept investigates and monitors the currency for counterfeits. And so on...

Why shouldn't the IRS more closely monitor the doings of groups of Tea-baggers and such Righturd wackloons which publicly and proudly proclaim their avowed intention to avoid, evade and cheat on taxes?

It's right there in the name: TEA = Taxed Enough Already, innit. There's prima facie evidence for enhanced caution right there.

And it's NOT the returns, themselves, which were examined.

It was their applications for (spurious) tax-exempt status. Political organizations are not entitled. These CLEARLY "political" organizations were evidently trying to run a scam.

Hundreds of these applications were submitted simultaneously, apparently according to some plan that, if enough applications were processed at one time, some frauds would get through.This should NOT have occasioned suspicions among trained, IRS investigators?


What am I missing?

Oh, yeah. That's "right." 

The people being watched are not shiftless negroes,  dirty hippies or volvo-driving tree-huggers.

They're batshit-crazy, conservaturd WHITE neo-revolutionaries.

Oh, silly me. I forgot. No white, conservative, fundie-fuckwitz EVER break the law.  Just move along...Nothing to see here...

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