Saturday, July 6, 2013

Soap-Box: Counting 'Coup'

Woody getz accused of Obottery, sometimes, because I don't faithfully agree with and/or amplify every shred and wrinkle of criticism cast at our esteemed President LowBar. Yeah, he's coopted, yeah, he's corrupted, yeah, he's a tool of the Oligarchs.
No, he's not an advocate of the common man. No, he's not a foe of the Capitalist/CorpoRatz. No, he's not gonna prosecute his predecessors.
And? Yer point?
For instance, a poster complained, upon posting the attached article--which should be running as a crawlo, right about now , that Prez. Lowbar was responsible for the coup which, by now, apparently (finally) has become obvious to a growing number of folks.
It's true, I replied, there's been a coup.
But LowBar didn't stage the coup.
And it won't end with him.
It won't end at all, probably.
He's just the most recent figurehead.
The instigators were the Birchers, in the '60s. You know, the guys Eisenhower said wanted to bring down Social Security, and therefore were too crazy to get far.  Koch Botherz' old man was one of them. What Ike didn't get, seemingly, izzat RICHER THAN SHIT crazy asswholes aren't subject to the same rules as anybody else, even 5-Star generals.
The first actual perps were Nixon and his gunsels.
The outline of the whole proceedings can be found in what's called the the Powell Memo. Written in 1971, by soon-to-be-apponted SCROTE Associate Justice Lewis Powell, and for the USChamber of Commerce and passed along to the Regime a couple of months before confirmation hearings.
If you're a coup-watcher, a real aficionado, you learn to tell when there's a coup coming on, because the rebels always capture the media first. Here, that started happening in the '80s. Media "Con-SOL-EYE-Dation!~ 

Captive media is what I call it when 95% of the total of USer "imaginative," "creative," "communicative" capital is owned, outright by six CorpoRatz' boardrooms. No junta, not Pinochet, not Castro...was ever so thorough, or so bloodless.
The deal was completed--the last signatures were inscribed-- in Dec. 2000, when the SCROTES installed the Chimperor. Sandra Day O'Connor was reputed to have said she cast her vote as she did because she knew her departure from the Court could be imminent, and she didn't want her seat filled by aq Dim nominee.
That mebbe was the last chance to slow it down, there, in 2000; if Gore'd had stood up, made an issue of it.
But ALGore was NEVER likely to rock the boat, then, any more than is Pres. LowBar, today. Nor anymore than any SUBSEQUENT replacement of whatever stripe or configuration.
It's a decade-and-a-half ago; Lottawatta under that bridge. That boat sailed a long-gone, long-done deal, Sparky.

This is one of those thoughts which, occurring on anniversary celebration national independence doesn't seem to present a zippy conclusion...
But enough sobriety!

Happy Holiday, Hippiez!

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