Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sen. Yertle's Both Symptom and Source; LowBar's NEVER Been A "Promise."

How yer ol' perfesser Seezit: Sen Yertle's behavior as an active agent for the Corporatz' and Oiligarchs' agendae is approved--likely heartily endorsed--by his constituents, because it is so successfully camouflaged by/as racism, both his own and the culture's. He can and does frame his lickspittle fealty to the Corporatz' anti-worker. anti-democratic, anti-humane agendae in the guise of an attack on that "Damn NEGRO in the Whitehouse."

Framed like that, there's is NOTHING those "Saltine-Murkins" won't excuse.

This is consonant with my theory that those same constituents are willing, indeed delighted, to bear a small inconvenience or deprivation if by doing so they can assure the denial of ANY benefit to those whom they view and detest as inferiors.

Re: Prez Lowbar and his "promise?"

Woody'z sad to hafta tell ya, at this late date: "Obama" was NEVER a "promise."

He was ALWAYS a brand.

His campaign won an award that year for the 'best new brand."

He was NEVER what the rhetoric pretended he'd be.

The GOPhux threw the election to put this cypher in office, but he was NEVER gonna be anything but a political palate-cleanser, an interval between successive bouts of "sanitary" GOPhux fascismo.

How could anyone with the intellectual acuity of a sponge NOT have known that the Owners of the country would NOT turn the management of their operations over to ANYONE who posed the tiniest SCINTILLA of a chance of CHANGING anything?

What the fuck WERE they thinking?

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