Thursday, July 23, 2009


This piece, contributed yesterday on a blog where I comment (Crook & Liars) in reply to a comment of mine, in which I predicted that there would be a bad health-reform bill passed this year which would nonetheless preserve and protect the profits, privileges and perqs of the Health Insurance parasites, seems to me to pretty much right on the money as far as the kind of 'protection' folks will get for their mandatory health insurance dollars, and what they can expect for their money:
Mandatory coverage paid for by you, including drug coverage. That would be with no caps on cost for the premiums, no caps on co-pays, widening the donut hole in the drug coverage (like now, only after the "reform," they pay 80% of the first $1500.00, you pay the next $7000.00 out of your pocket, and they might pay 20% of your remaining drug costs for the year, but only if they feel like it).

But in spite of the mandatory purchase of the insurance, there will be a life-time cap on the benefits you can receive. Once you meet this threshold, you must continue to pay for coverage, even though you will not get any. This is the cost of living in a civilized society. Suck it up.

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