Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Rational Racialists"

The following was posted as a comment on The Root, in response to a story about the recent arrest of Prof. "Skip" Gates for being a suspected black interloper/perp in what was obviously a white-person's house, in on Harvard campus in Cambridge, MA (this appeared originally as a single block of text, but that presentation obscures much of what is really important about the text:
Racism, Classism, and Political "Black"-lash

Racism and biasis (sic) are woven in each and every race on this planet. No race is excluded even the black race. Unfortunately, from birth our children are taught these disgusting views and this cycle of biasis (sic) continues.

The comments on this page have a tremendous amount of assumptions as to what actually occurred during this incident. The witness assumed the two black males were forcing their way into a home. Now that is not the "normal way" someone enters their home, so she called the police. The police obtained vague information from the witness and had the officers respond to the residence. While enroute to the residence the officers "assumed" the information was valid as they entered the home. There is no evidence as of yet that it was not correct. They find Mr. Gates in the home. Now the distortion of the incident happens.
Are you getting this? Jesus! It makes my head hurt! See: the victim's account is a "distortion."
The officers asks for identification and Gates feels insulted because he is in his own home. Regardless of colour, age, cane or no cane criminals come in all shapes and sizes. The race card is played and the officer would have been insulted for just dong his job. To Serve and Protect the citizens of Cambridge. The race carad (sic) is not a trump card that allows anyone to verbally abuse another citizen or person in authority, and when the abuse becomes a factor in disturbing the peace and tranquility of the neighbourhood, someone is going to be arrested.

One would think that Mr. Gates would have appreciated the fact that a citizen trying to do the right thing in calling the police to protect his home, the officers responding to the call who risk their lives every minuite (sic) of the day. Did the officer have the right to ask for Mr. Gates identificatin (sic) to prove he was the owner of the property? Absolutely. America screams about "racial profiling" but the reality is racial profiling is a symptom of Biasis (sic) Based Policing. Is it not the same as a German officer only stopping and ticketing Jewish citizens, or a Black officer only ticketing white citizens.
Oh, yeah, that happens all the fucking time. Chuy!
Profiling does exist in policing, but the race of a suspect should only be one of the many factors that lead to an individuals arrest. Are there bias (sic) officers in policing, absolutely. Are there hard working officers who administer the laws of the country without biasis,(sic) absolutely. Is there a perception that "all blacks hold biasis (sic) attitudes towards any law enforcement person? Absolutely. As I mentioned at the begining, (sic) racism will only be dealt with when our young are not exposed to bias (sic) outlooks.

This was an incident that went bad right from the start, and blown out of porpotion (sic). The alternative to calling the police when you need help is to call a gangster. No wonder the police get the attitude of "FIDO" F&@K IT and DRIVE OFF after being taunted and abused and painted with the racism brush continually. It is the black community that continues to flame the fires of racism, and play the race card all too often.
This is a classic example of what I have called 'rational racism.'

It's all the fault of uppity negroes, you see.

If you just suck it up and accept systematic injustice, you won't get hurt...

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