Sunday, March 7, 2010

Prosecutiion or "Persecution": Shamwow's DoJ & the Bushevik War Criminals

I regard with amusement the apparent euphoria attending on the announcement today that the Shamwow/Holder DoJ may seek a special prosecutor for Bushevik war-crimes.

I expect this is a non-starter for several reasons" As the HCR debacle demonstrated, Shamwow doesn't have ANY excess political capital, and and political capital would be needed in bushels to pursue prosecution. There are four "practical" reasons why no Bushevik will ever face justice for crimes committed in office...
1)Precedent: There isn't any... All previous prosecutions of official miscunduct have been prosecuted while the alleged malefactors were still IN office.

2) Pragmatics: Lets face it. If Shamwow prosecutes ("persecutes") the (white) Busheviks, he guarantees his half-black ass will be hounded for EVER in retribution. Remember Nixon/Clinton? Remember JFK, who was killed mainly for firing Allan Dulles from head of the CIA? The powerful do not gladly bear pett affronts.

3) National emergency. If that plea were allowed in, prosecution would be utterly FUTILE.

4) Jury nullification: there are STILL 30% of the population who are sympathetic toward the Chimp. It only needs one, and the percentages say there'd be no fewer than two or three...
So it's nagahapun....

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