Monday, December 13, 2010

Ex-CIA Officer Says Wikileaks Is Doing The Press' Job

Bob Alberti in comments thread on FB, where this vid prompted a brief discussion, wrote:
I really hoped McGovern was going to say "You're not a journalist, you're a spokesperson. You're a talking head. You'll say whatever rolls up on that teleprompter without questioning its veracity. That's your job and you do it well, but just because you're on the TV doesn't mean you're a journalist."


1 comment:

    I like this McGovern guy!!!!!
    They don't like Wikileaks cuz wikileaks shows them up as the spineless, money-grubbing, power hungry, backroom-dealing, feckless, clueless douchebags that they really are! No government, ESPECIALLY OURS, wants scrutiny. Our government has the media bought and paid for. Wikileaks has become what the press used to be; the scourge, the watchdog, the finger-pointing conscience of a group of conscienceless hypocritical whores.