Thursday, December 16, 2010

"The map is not the territory." Ct. Alfred Korsybski, founder of "General Semantics."

I just LOVE maps. I think I must have a cartographer's soul, given any soul at all. Here are a couple/few that have recently7 come to my attention:

1: This is a map representing the size of the area which some, perhaps many, subscribers to a theory of "Eretz Israel" claim as the 'biblical/Torahnic' territory of an historical "Israel."

2: This is a map of the relative sizes of the two claimant nations to the North American Continent in 1824. Mexico had become a State only in 1821, and laid claim to vast stretches of the western half of the Continent.

3: This is a map of the 'political States' of newly fragmented, 'devolved' North America, where the United States has fragmented into it's cultural pieces.
4: When, due to temporal dislocation, none of the maps are of any use, follow the signs:

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