Thursday, May 24, 2012

As The Cookie Crumbles: Ex-Patriotism

In which Y'r D'd'c't'd D'b'nk'r examines the claim that, though he renounced his US citizenship, Eduardo Saverin--Facebook billionaire and tax dodger-- should enjoy the rights of any other international citizen to return on a valid passport; to which I reply: Bullshit, fucknozzle! Yer OUTTA here!
There is a certain, cold-hearted, pragmatic logic to the position taken by Facebook co-founder Eduadro Saverin (left) and defended by Grover Norquist, among others, on the matter of renouncing his US citizenship to escape taxes on his stock-sale windfall. Some Senators are wankjing off about legislation, but it's too late to touch Eduardo, expostfacto being what it is, still.

SO Saverin is one of the big winners in the Facebook IPO, collecting several billion dollars of "net worth" from the stock sale. 

It's "bankers' logic," elegant in the ruthless way of the pure, profit-driven capitalist: In a "global" economic and political world, any "citizenship" confers the same relevant "rights"--passport, property, protection-- if you are wealthy enough to claim them, and he will be. You wanna know what "Going Galt" would look like? Watch Saverin. It's the apotheosis of that kind of "libertarianism."

It's worth a LOT of money to him.

How much? About $67 million, according to an NPR story last week.

Put another way: That's just under a million hours of minimum-wage labor. Round up, and divide: Twenty-five thousand minimum-wage work weeks. Five hundred years of labor. That's the equivalent of what he's "getting away with."

Says he WANTS to be Singaporean. Just like all the old, ex-Marines wanna go back to Okinawa...

Now, call me a statist, or what you will,  say I'm old-fashioned,  and/or over-ther-hill...It's his money

But I think syllogistically, a different kind of logic:

My syllogism reads as follows: IF a citizen renounces citizenship, and thus escapes certain taxes--whether they "wanted to" do so or not--and thereby deprives the entire collective, the renounced country, of its share of the fortune which that country's very existence made available and possible for that person to secure,...

THEN the country and its citizens are WELL within their rights to declare that sonovabitch 'persona non grata,' and ban him from the soil, in perpetuity, on pain of immediate apprehension and imprisonment.

 In short, you smirking little shitheel: Don' let the door hitchya in the ass; and NEVER darken it again...

That's how it looks from down here at the beach, hippies...If you agree or not, lemme know...PAZ!

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  1. saver in was a "free agen" he like all those who make it super-rich put themselves above such petty beliefs as Nationalism. They have one pursuit, the accumulation of massive wealth.

    Consequentially, Saverin will do whatever he thinks will aid him in that pursuit. Be it closing factories in the Western World and opening up slave plantations in the third world to produce his product, ala Steve Jobs, or becoming a world citizen in order to avoid the responsibility to the peoples who helped him amass his fortune.