Sunday, July 29, 2012

As The Cookie Crumbles: Chicken Feed

The GLBT community and its supporters have mounted a propaganda effort against the now-notoriously homophobic ownership of the fast-food franchise, Chic-Fil-A. The chicken sandwich business was already known to support of anti-gay initiatives and endorse for anti-gay candidates. But until recently, mostly, they kept their support of the Fundie-wackloon American Family Association and its ilk mostly under wraps. They didn't flaunt it.

But recently Chi-Fil-A's outspoken  CEO, the chubby, beady-eyed, unhealthily flushed Dan Cathy uped the ante, bu declaring publically that his Corporation stood four-square with "traditional Biblical mores," and condemned outright the Marriage Equality movement.

Now, nationally, the GLBT "community" seems to be making Cathy an offer he either or cannot refuse: withdraw/retract your ignorant, "bible-based" slanders against GLBT people, or else.

The "Else" being to have the company name and the CEO's identity blackened for public bigotry, with the attendant withdrawal of trade, advertizing, and association from the more tolerant elements of society.

This is not, as some of the Fucktards always assert, a "freedom-of-speech" issue.

Because the censure of Dan Cathy/ChicFilA is occurring in the public sphere, and is in no way  affected--pro or con--by "govt" policy, the 1st Amendment is not at issue.

The issue is: Does "speech" have 'consequences?'


Can those customers aggrieved by the specter of a corporation using revenues derived from the purchases of the aggrieved to insult and further oppress those same customers create and maintain a sufficient presence to cost Chik-Fil-A anything, either financially or in terms of the CorpoRat reputation?

That remains to be seen.

Can Cathy be "silenced" by critics?


He can silence HIMSELF, if he chooses, when he sees that the consequences of his speech--denigrating gays, etc--have ill or adverse effects on his business.

But he can also choose to ignore the criticism and continue.

And those whom he offends may continue to remind him they destest his bigotry.

The fate of Chik-Fil-A does not rest with the State, or the Government. It rests with the "people" and the "market." I don't expect Cathy to change his stand, personally.

And even if he did, I wouldn't trust any retraction to be more than pro forma.

And I won't consume his product again.

And if you want to make your feelings on the matter known, there are three of Cathy's restaurants in Albuquerque for you to avoid...One on the West Side, one in the WHeights, and the last in Nob Hill by the University...

Just sayin.

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  1. Never had one Woody and of course agree. Our side/the right side/good guys have the power to bring down many companies/corporations with this very tactic and quickly too which would be very nice.

    The left is too fucking dumb in their own way plus dysfunctional in other ways. They couldn't get something like this together if they wanted.