Monday, August 6, 2012

WWH/CJE SoapBox: Political Potlatch

In which Yr. Intr'p'd Inv's'g'tr intrerprets the apparent, incredible, hundred-million-dollar largess of the Owners in their campaign expenditures, NOT as a serious effort to achieve a particular political end, but as the sort of ceremonial generosity of Arctic hetmen by the Owners, returning some of the wealth to their satraps and functionaries.
A piece on the Huff-Post last week reported that a small majority of USers still remember that The Chimperor Bush was responsible for the recent financial unpleasantness.

I take that as evidence that Prez Obomber's second term is in the bag.

That's because he won't be removed until he finishes the job, and "average Murkin" blames him and the Dims for all their troubles. That'll take another four years.

Plus, we got "Teh Great Austerity" coming down the road...You thought the "Great Recession" was bad? You ain't seen NUTHIN yet.

THAT's gonna be bad enough to make the folks forget ALL about the Chimperor Bush, and his minions, lackeys and lickspittles, their failures and predations.

Sir Barry and the Dims are gonna take the fall for that. That's what they're there for. Obomber's MAIN job in the second term is going to be to sell "Austerity" to the people, and then take the blame for it: Ain't no WHITE folks could sell it, and they don't WANT the responsibility.

When the First Black President is deemed responsible for all the pain and suffering, then and ONLY then will it be "safe" for the White Folx to step back in and take over the Gummint again...

2016: Bush/Cheney (Jeb and Lizzie)

Mark my words...

But if that is so, folks wonder aloud, why are the Owners--like the Koch Brothers and the rest of the rightard Billionaires--spending hundreds of million dollars on the campaign?

Well, here's ol' Dr. Woody's take:

It's a form of pay-off.

The really rich guys don't care a stinky shit WHO the president is.

It's irrelevant.

Nothing changes for 'em.

But the campaign gives 'em the opportunity to spread their money around in ways which, without the campaign, would probably LOOK "illegal." It's like a quadrennial, political potlatch.

("Potlatch" is a ceremonial tradition practices mainly among indigenes of the Arctic/North, At potlatch gatherings, a family or hereditary leader hosts guests in their family's house and holds a feast for their guests. The main purpose of the potlatch is the re-distribution and reciprocity of wealth.

The owners are more interested in controlling Congress (which I predict they'll accomplish this fall: Hold the House, narrowly--less than 60 seats--take the Senate). Spreading the wealth around assists in this.

But, out little plebian, pedestrian minds rebel. They're spending hundreds of millions of dollars.

True! But one can't think about these things like a prole, as if money actually MATTERS. It doesn't.

The dozens, even HUNDREDS of millions they's spend is chickenfeed. Pocket change. Running-around money.

If you have a BILLION dollars, that's a THOUSAND MILLION. Every additional billion is another THOUSAND million. The KockBros sit on around FIFTY BILLION between 'em. That's FIFTY THOUSAND MILLION!

You can drop a hundred million and not even NOTICE!

The election, properly understood, is yet another "act" in the national "kabuki," whose end is already known but the playing out of which is the necessary part.

Bring you costumes with you when we gather at the beach, Hippies...
Citizen Journalist Dr. John Konopak answers those who wonder, if the fix is--as he believes-"in," why then  do the Rich Rightrards spend so much money in a "losing cause." In an effort to clarify the matter, Konopak compares the situation with the ancienmt, arctic tradition of "potlatch," in which the wealthiest, most successful leaders of the community return much of their wealth to the less successful, less prominent members of the group, thereby strengthening group solidarity. 

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