Monday, August 10, 2009

Darryl Compton Executive Director of the Bay Area Radio Museum & Hall of Fame.

(Artist's impression of Lee Rodgers, five minutes from air)

The estimable Mr Spocko gives a lesson today in the things he does best: reasonable, rational appeals to common sense and common decency, to combat the vile and malign forces deployed by the fascisti to interrupt, and ultimately commandeer, the democratic discourse. His target is, as it frequently is, a certain Bay Area radio pundit/hate jock named Lee Rodgers, who is to be inducted into some local celebrity "hall of fame>." Spocko deftly and adeptly flays Rodgers' rotting, feculent, diseased 'persona' in ways which are both ruthless and exemplary. I just wish I thought a lot more people would be able to actually comprehend what he's so amply and ably demonstrating.

There is a preface which is, in Mr. Spocko's usual, elegant, clear way, eminently readable, and contextual, after which the letter begins:

I know the Hall of Fame is a popularity contest and a lot of very vile broadcasters are popular, but before you honor Lee Rodgers you might want to actually listen to some of his current shows to see how far he has descended from the Lee Rodgers you and others might have known at one time.

You can listen on the Internet to a current show and hear some of his genocidal comments directed toward directed toward Iraqi's, Muslims and liberals.

In addition to his desire to "massacre every last damn one" of the Iraqis he is un-apologetically pro-torture. And if you think that Rodgers apologized for his torture comments, think again. He did NOT apologize for talking about torturing the blowing the brains out of a criminal (link) Here's audio of Rodgers not apologizing for those comments and embracing them. (Link)

Suggesting that someone suspected of a crime be burned alive is just another day on Rodger's talk radio (You will note his old sidekick, Melanie Morgan, added the "hogtied" to the being burned alive comment, I guess when she wants someone to die in a fire she really wants to make sure it happens.) These vicious comments aren't just one time outbursts, they are the backbone of his show, along with his name calling and his constant talk about testicles (link to multiple audio clips)

I suppose Rodgers will have to come back to the Bay Area to pick up his award, but he clearly hates San Francisco and the majority of the people in the city. I know this because he says so almost every day as he broadcasts out of his home in Arizona.
And that's just for starters. The sum and total of the post has the net effect of 1) making Rodgers (justly, imho) out to be a vlie, foul-mouthed, hate-spewing racist bigot, and 2) offering the aforesaid "Darryl the choice of his party, or his soul.

Me? I'm guessin' Rodgers is still going in the Bay Area Radio Museum & Hall of Fame.

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