Saturday, August 22, 2009

O wad some Power the giftie gie us.

(See, The face of shrieking, fascist lunacy. That's how they see "us.")

To see ourselves as others see us. Via Lenin's Tomb:
There are some good analyses out there, such as this piece on Al Jazeera, which - despite basically resting on Hofstadter's analysis of the 'paranoid style in American politics' - hits the nail on the head with this:
But the sheer manic intensity of the foam-flecked tirades bursting out in the town halls, so out of proportion to their proximate cause, bespeaks much deeper roots of rage.

These are some of the same people who howled "traitor!" and "kill him!" at Sarah Palin's rallies last year.

They are the ones convinced Obama is a Muslim "sleeper agent" who will destroy American values and hand the country over to Osama bin Laden.

The flip side of their rage is fear. They scream: "We want our country back!" Their country is one where white, Christian conservatives rule.

To get 'it' back 'that way,' these loons seem willing to "destroy the village in order to save it." But I guess that was just a matter of time...

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