Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The "FireDogLakers," e.g.

I was taught that one of the things that distinguishes adults from adolescents and children is that adulthood confers the understanding that, as I have inscribed it in Mis Dichos, that no one ever gets "credit" for doing the right thing, or for NOT doing the wrong one. Jane's (e.g.) attitude seems to accept the fact that the representatives she wants to congratulate are little better than coarsened children.
Dear "Woody"

Over the weekend it became clear that the Obama Administration wants to drop the public option from health care reform.

We saw this day coming. That's why for two months, we've been working hard to get members of Congress to draw a line in the sand: no public option, no health care reform. Yesterday, they did it.

This is exactly the kind of spine we need to see from Congress. Indeed, it's the only way we can pass health care reform that's not a bailout of the insurance industry.

These 65 Democrats need to be commended for doing the right thing. We set up a fundraising page for you to donate to any of the 65 members who drew the line in the sand.

Click here to reward good behavior: http://www.actblue.com/page/theytookthepledge

From Kathleen Sebelius to Rahm Emanuel to Barack Obama himself, the Administration appears ready to throw the public option under the bus. If that happens, any "health care reform" bill will simply be a bailout for the insurance industry and drug companies. (N.B.: It will be that, and little more, no matter the official fate of the 'soi disant' "Public Option." W>)

By holding 40 votes in the House, we can ensure that the only health care reform bill to pass is one with a strong public option. To see 65 members of the House drawing a line in the sand on this issue is huge. (N.B.: Or else it makes it possible to blame "progressives" and "liberals" for the failure to enact a bill. W.)

The tide is turning in our favor. Passing health care reform with a strong public option is now in sight.

We need to make sure that these members know we support their efforts to pass a strong public option.

Click here to contribute: http://www.actblue.com/page/theytookthepledge

Thanks for everything you do.


Jane Hamsher
Sounds like how you train a dogs, innit?

But these suckers aren't simple-minded, devoted, loving dogs. I had dogs behaved like these fuckers, I'd shoot 'em. These fuckers are people, or so they say, so we can't shoot 'em, but I don't see why we gotta feed 'em for doing what they're spozed to do anyway. If they aren't smarter than my dogs, then what the fuck they doing passing laws?

Y'all do whatcha want; I won't be contributing, thanks. Should I send 'em a nice message thanking them for doing their fucking jobs?

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