Monday, October 26, 2009

Evan Bayh: Smarmy. Scummy. Sleezy. Slimy. Sneaky. Shitty. Skeevy, In The Same Dwarf!

Here's how you make LOTS and LOTS of money while "serving" your country in the Wworld's Greatest Deliberative Body": Conflict of interest.

NO, silly. Your hands are clean. But your wife sits on the boards of, and receives stock options in compensation from corpoRats whose business comes before you in your official capacities.


Scummy. Sleezy. Slimy. Sneaky. Shitty. Skeevy.


From Rick Ungar, via Mike's Roundup on C&L:
Yesterday’s post here at The Policy Page described Senator Evan Bayh’s huge conflict of interest in the health care reform debate. As the Democratic Senator likely to represent the 60th procedural vote that could block a Republican filibuster of a reform bill, I discussed how profoundly disturbing it is that Senator’s Bayh’s wife, Susan, sits on the board of directors of WellPoint – the nation’s largest (by membership) for profit health insurance company. I also noted that Mrs. Bayh’s currently held stock options in the company – which would likely take a significant financial hit should a public option succeed – represent a significant percentage of the family’s net worth.

While the piece garnered some readers here at True/Slant, I continue to be surprised by how little coverage this matter is receiving from the national media. While the subject has popped up, from time to time, we now know just how important Sen. Bayh’s vote is likely to be and how much this clear conflict of interest could weigh on the result. Still, the mainstream media remains remarkably silent on this, including the more liberal skewing news organizations.

Why is Bayh getting a pass?

Is the silence due to a presumption that, as a finalist on the Obama vice-presidential short list, Bayh must be a progressive Democrat who should not be picked on? He ‘s not.

Is it the boyish good looks that leads to a conclusion that a face like that could never be guilty of bad behavior? He is. (see the 1997 report, “Judicial Watch Files Complaint against Indiana Senator Evan Bayh with Senate Ethics Committee.”) This complaint involved Bayh’s failure to disclose his position as a director of his family foundation.
Bayh gives proof to the allegation that NO reasonably corrupt, compliant, complicit piece-of-shit glad-hander EVER left Congress less well-off than when they arrived.

Evan Bayh has the distinction, it seems to me, of being JUST the guy to make Joe Lieberman look like an honest broker.


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