Friday, October 2, 2009

Jon Steward & Wyatt Cenac: "The SUPER-Majority"

Quote of the Day: from last night's The Daily Show, Wyatt Cenac on the Senate Democrats' strategy on health care legislation:
"They're thinking three failures ahead."
Cojo at Slobber and Spittle thinks "He might be underestimating them. I think they have an entire session of failure planned.

"They say humor is the best medicine. That's a good thing, because it looks like the only medicine many of us will be getting for a decade or two."
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There are three "Ms" which are significant factors in the construction, accumulation and maintenance of electoral political capital: Money, Media, and Majority. If I could choose only two of the three, I'd take Money and Media.

Any meaningful "public option" is dead, by the way...There will be something that is called a "public option" for "thePrez" to sign, probably. But it will be so circumscribed, so limited, so encumbered with conditions, that it will be effectively neutered and useless...


  1. These elected fucktards, which include The Big O, don't give a shit what is IN the bill..they just want to say they PASSED one.


  2. I agree, obviously. I been sayin it since January, when the shape of the Obama cabinet and agenda became more evident...