Thursday, October 29, 2009


Forget all that crap about serving the "people," protecting the Constitution, and such. Bush's real "Job" --the reason he was installed-- was
To "Disempower" the People -- and finish the job Raygun began:
To gut the Constitution,
To attack the infrastructures of justice and fairness, public health and safety, and
To facilitate the Corporat take-over of the public's political and economic 'commons.'
On the other hand, Obama's job is to make the ("white") People forget how much they hated and distrusted the Busheviks, and to assume the burden of those emotions onto himself (and the Dims), thereby preparing the way for the next wave of Puke theo-fascism. Given his ethnicity, he's already close to half-way there, as the tea-party/birther/tenther/gun-loon/FauxNooz (Beck/Hannity/Limbaugh) wacktardity has clearly already shown...

This has the additional "benefit" (for the Owners) of depriving any further "minority" candidate for high national office any oxygen for a possible campaign.

I thought it was sheer genius for the Owners to schedule the worst economic collapse of the past three/quarters of a Century, right at the intersection of a retreating, embarrassed, beseiged GOP hierarchy and in-coming Democratic one which would handily absorb the blame...


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