Saturday, January 2, 2010

Refurbishing GOPuke "Cred"

I readily acknowledge that I am more cynical than most, and so to me the ‘cleansing’ of the GOPuke rep seems inevitable. They still own the lap-dog SCUM (So-Called Unbiased Media), the corporate boardrooms which own and run the newsrooms of the nation, and the whole of the immense advertizing/propaganda apparati. They control the agenda, no matter what Prez. Shamwow and the clownish Dims do to recapture it.

Indeed, Prez. Shamwow’s ascendancy--from no-recrod Senator to the top seat at the table--may and can be easily read as the effort by the Owners—the Bosses, Oligarchs, and Aristos, the Landlords—to provide the (white) voters, who had become restive under the last vestiges of the Busheviki, a reason and a way to forget how much they had grown to despise the (also white) Busheviks.

In selecting Prez. Shamwow, the Owners accomplished the necessary propagandistic sleight-of-hand to give these disaffected (white) voters a (non-white, ergo easwily despised)) president onto whom the angry whites could/can transfer all of that stored animosity from the last 30 years. This is the bubbling rage and frustrationj experienced by the (mailnly white) middle class since Raygun and his bidness coup-plotters uncoupled wages from productivity and began the systematic indenture of the 'middle class' to the credit 'industry.' Pres. Shamwow is in many ways a sacrificial goat to assuage the sins of the oligarchs without seeming to accept any blame.

It’ll work like a charm.

The thing of which I am uncertain is how long the Owners will give Pres. Shamwow to accomplish his real mission, which is administering the coup de gras to the New Deal by gutting Social Security. It may need the second term of Murka's first non-White Chief Exec to accomplish the core mission. But the Owners are already smirking at the thought that it will be a 'descendant' of those marginalized people who benefitted most from the New Deal who will administer the killing shot...

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