Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sibling Rivalry, Cliques, and The "Superior" Party.

The dynamic between Dims and Pukes is a combination of two dysfunctional systems: a high school clique system and a ritzy country club…

The Dims have no clout (or no “Klaudt,” either) because they are that wing of the Party of Property which is designated for the “losers”: the poor, the marginalized, the despised, the down-trodden, the needy, people-of-color, immigrants, the minimum-wage, etc.

Whereas the Pukes are the designated party of the Winners: bidness, power, money, heredity, privilege.

The Dims, of course, function to only ‘nominally’ represent their designated constituency. They’d much rather be part of the cool crowd, so they dick over their designated supporters every chance they get, to demonstrate their bona fides for the Owners and those members of the Senior class whom they wish to emulate…

The Dims are in a really hard place. They are the "designated" Party of the "losers." But their sympathies and affinities are with the "winners'" wing of the Party of Property, and they chafe at the need to be seen to 'represent' those whom their instincts regard as their 'inferiors.'

That's the real reason the Dims cannot pull off the legislative stunts that the Pukes seem to specialize in: they lack standing, in that judicial sense. Their 'constituencies" have no real power, influence, or authority. So the "Party" which represents those losers lacks the "authority" to rebuke the Pukes (and the Owners for whom the Pukes are mere avatars), even if they had the will (which they do not).

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