Saturday, November 5, 2011

As the Cookie Crumbles: Downing Thomas

Is Coke-can Clarence Thomas above the law? Can "Ol' Curley-on-top" flout his turpitude, his dishonesty, his contemptible corruption without ANY public consequence?

We'll see. There appears to be at least one plausible avenue through which to attack his corrupt, venal ass. As with Capone, the issue is via taxes.

The Thomases, asserting the privilege of their rank and position, apparently failed--neglected? disdained?-- to report ANY income for her for 12 years, from 1997-2009.

Funny thing: This coincided with when he apparently positioning himself as the foremost ADVOCATE OF THE corpoRat AGENDA on the Court; meanwhile "Ceasar's" wife was making big bux as a high-dollah, Conservative 'rain-maker,' lobbying, fundraising and policy-wonking with the Kochs, and Karl Roves of the world, on issues that (No, REALLY?) JUST MIGHT come before the Court.

Called on it, finally, in 2010, THOMAS grudgingly filed amended returns, claiming it was all just a "misunderstanding." He'd simply misinterpreted the instructions.

Okay, you might say. It's a piss-poor, dumb-ass, shit-heel excuse, but okay. You've seen him. He could be that fucking stupid.,

But now it's turned out he's not stupid. Not JUST stupid. He's crooked, too. Seems the records show the Cunt-hair Clancy Thomas family accurately and correctly filled in the necessary informatiuon for his wife's employment in EVERY YEAR, IN every position he held in GUMMINT until 1997. Thereafter, for the next TWELVE YEARS, the motherfucker lied.

Every year. It does make ya go, hmmmmmm, donit, hippies?

So a progressive congresscritter has blown the whistle to Chief Roberts, not as Chief Justice, per se, but as the presiding officer of the gummint's Judicial Council, the top oversight board for the whole federal bench. And CREDO--the phone folks--are soliciting signatures from citizens to bolster their complaint to Roberts. There's a web-site, on the screen below, where you can go to sign up.

The problem is, of course, that this path requires that Chief Justice Roberts take the information to the DoJ and that the DoJ do something with it in the way of investigation and indictment.

For which eventuality I judge the probability as somewhere between nil and minus 20.

I'm not a lawyer, nor a legal ethicist, but I do NOT see how, legally, Roberts can decline to proceed and still maintain even the most fragile, most tenuous ascription of legitimacy for himself and his whole Court, indeed to the whole Federal Judiciary.

At a minimum, Roberts should summarily ORDER Thomas's recusal from ALL pending cases.
"Cert" --short for "Certiorari", a place on the docket--on which he voted affirmatively should be revoked and be required to resubmit.
Indeed, I betcha a case could EASILY be made that ANY decision to which Coke-can Clancy's vote provided the determinative margin, or on which he wrote a majority decision, should be immediately vacated, and the entire case should be re-argued.

Clarence Thomas' every breath on the Bench of the US Supreme Court does nothing but further contaminate what is already--at least sinece Dec. 2000--a hellish mash of corporate mendacity and moral vacuity. Til further notice, Ol' Curley's apparently above the law, but he is undubitably beneath contempt, and he drags the rest down with him

Sign the letter, hippies. We'll send 'em from the Beach.

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