Thursday, November 3, 2011

As the Cookie Crumbles(11/3/11): Scandalous, Dahling

In an article that lowers the "Presidential Achievement" Bar to ever-more ridiculous levels, the fawning, fatuous, ever-obsequious, O'botic O-pologist Jonathan Alter last week joyfully proclaimed the "miracle" the Obamanista regime's of moral purity, preemptively declaring it to be sin-free and "without scandal."

What Alter meant, of course, was that the O'bots had so far managed to conduct themselves without the taint of salacious rumor and/or embarrassing DNA-spots on the odd, young, female intern's simple blue dress.

I guess "scandal," like beauty, is a matter of taste.

Cuz, no, Shamwow hasn't yet been discovered dipping his wick in some willing intern.

But what do you call peremptorily assassinating US citizens without trial, by remorte control?

What about renewing the Bush Tax breaks for the wealthy?

What about the whole-sale, full-frontal attacks on Social Security and Medicare "entitlements?"?

For WHOM would these not be a scandal, except for the "first Black President?"

How about the scandal of the patently unconstitutional "Super (We're REALLY Gonna Fuck YOU Up) Debt/Deficit Commission"?

Isn't it scandalous to be planning for and promoting MORE nuclear plants, even in the light (or "glow?") of the Fukushima disasters in Japan?

Isn't that a scandal that there are 20 MILLION willing workers in Murka who cannot find jobs?

With stratospheric unemployment, what do you call three new "Free trade" agreements? I'd call it the return of the gigantic sucking sound of USer jobs flying off-shore.

Shall I go on?

I'd call it a scandal that he twice extended and once even STRENGTHENED the so-called PATRIOT ACT, which during the campaign he said he meant to soften.

Does no scandal attach to putting back in charge of the economy those very szme folks who so totally fucked it up? Summers? Geithner? Bernanke? Is there nothing even a LITTLE stinky about them?

Is there no scandal in abandoning the labor constituency? How about stonewalling the Employee Free Choice Act for workers who want to organize their work-places? Labor REQUIRES a supportive State to face-down the greedheads and other butt-fux in the boardrooms. But St. Barry's no friend of the working man...

Wouldn't it make you blush a little if you allowed secret domestic surveillance or hadn't restored the principle of habeas corpus, even though you were a Constitutional fucking law professor???? Not St. Barry, apparently. Nope, no 'scandal' there...

What about if you didn't back your OWN Environmental Protection Agency on mountain-top removal, and clean air and water regulations on industrial polluters? Nope. Nothing here, folks. Move along...

I guess there's no "scandal" in the murderous drone attacks which kill hundreds of innocents along with selected 'targets' thousands of miles away, in six different African and Central Asian, sovereign NATIONS? Nah. Nothing important there, folx, keep movin...

Mebbe you noticed, the promised restoration of the Superfund Clean-up tax on polluters hasn't materialized, either. Politifact calls that a "promise broken." But hey, what's another broken promise, anyway. There are so many...

Oh, and by the way: There is a MAJOR issue with Obomber's mortgage modification plan!!

That was the plan they touted last week, along with federalizing the interest on student loans, to help the working stiffs? Remember?

In the fine print, one discovers that if the borrower has one SINGLE delinquent payment over the LIFE of the mortgage, they're disqualified... No really!

Ah, but there haven't been any blow-jobs in the executive office, hippies. No cum-stains on the carpet...Three rousing cheers for that, I guess...

So grab yer megaphones, and we'll sing a couple of congratulatory choruses when I See Ya At The Beach, chers......

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