Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beware: All-Murkin "Heroes" On The Loose

Lotta folks here in UServille are feeling secure that the US military wouldn't attack the "people."

HERE'S another scummy, reeking, drooling motherfucking shitbucket asswhole in uniform distancing itself from the "people." If this skeevy shitheel is any indication, I wouldn't be so sure.

Read what the shitbag writes!

Woody takes the expression of sentiments like these as the clearest evicence I can think of that certain elements of the USer military would INDEED "fire" on the "people" if ordered to do so...and gladly, without compunction.

Here's another one.

If this moron is to be believed, the Marines are compromised too. I had something to say about this clown last week:

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  1. LOL. I know you've been brainwashed into thinking that you're better than everyone else, but you must understand that not everyone wants to live off tax dollars by raping, killing, and destroying. Not only are you receiving handouts in the form of salary, housing, veterans' services, etc., but you are willfully promoting the imperialist agenda of the corrupt US government--you are the reason the rest of the world despises the US. Fuck you and burn in hell after you get blown up by an IED, you entitled self-important POS baby-killing mooch.