Tuesday, January 31, 2012

As The Cookie Crumbles (1/31/12): Brand-O

It's funny how what look like choices often aren't, innit?

You go to make groceries and you find shelf upon shelf upon shelf full of 'different' products which, after you remove the packaging, are functionally indistinguishable from one another. It's a problem in our politics, too.

Duopoly politics--the two-party lock--MADE Sir Barry, the Pale, appear to be the "opposite" of the Busheviks. There being only two choices, Obama was the non-Bush (McCain) by default, when what he REALLY was was just a slicker, smoother, better-spoken representative of EXACTLY the same interests it SEEMED (and was made to seem) he'd defeat and replace..

They pulled the con/sales job of the (new) century when they figured out how to convince a majority of voters that a difference of a couple of micro-grams of melanin in the complexion of one of the contestants would matter a jiggly shit in the way the Chosen One governed.

You heard the resultant political meller-drama played out in the SOTU, the other night, wherein brave Sir Barry tolled a round dozen of the GOPhux most cherished mantras, as if they were his own. He sounded more 'Republican' than ANY of the clown-car candidates-- other than Romney, whom he most resembles in other telling ways, too.

The GOPhux only attack Obama as rabidly as they do because it gives them the pretext to undermine further what they REALLY want to destroy: Democratic self-government, itself.

No. Really. Money can be patient, cuz it doesn't die. They've been working on it, full time, since about the 1880s or so and has proceeded relentlessly, if incrementally, since then: A total take-over, but without the devastation and massive clean-up an outright rebellion would entail.

A sort of "Neutron Rebellion," like the Cold War neutron bomb, which was supposed to kill of life, but leave the structures (and I'll leave you all to speculate on which "Neut" is the more noxious).

They're patient, thorough and relentless: Because as long as the democratic forms persist, and have not bee wholly discredited if not abandoned, there's always a chance some fool MIGHT get a mad hair up their legislative asses and pass something that would interfere in the plunder. You cannot be too careful. And you look where we've come from: it's not going back.

It is thje fact that they are going after "that damn Blackamoor" makes ANYTHING acceptable, excusable; as long as it is directed at the Black Man in the White House, widda blues. They'll ride that horse til it dies, spavined, in another four years. During which the GOPhux will exploit a GOLDMINE of financial contributions, looking forward.

You know my ever-humble opinion: the GOPhux are sitting this one out. They are going to take a pro forma swing at it, but mainly so as to spread a lot of money and ideology around. But I think the GOPhux know this is a fallow year for 'em. You'll know they're serious when they hoist another scion of the Bush dynasty onto the ticket.

I look for Jebbie to top the ticket, with Lizzie Cheney, in 2016. It's a winner they won't waste on 'defeating' a president with whom the Bosses and Owners (The "Oners", I'm now calling 'em, in honor of their lofty perch atop the One Percent) are perfectly content, as indeed they were to put him there in the first place.

They're figuring on TAKING the Senate which--with more Dims up this term than last, and more than there are vulnerable GOPhux--will I think be a lot easier than many pundits think it will be. Citizens United rules--rather, a lack of them--are still in play. Along with the holding the House, they'll skate, while AFBP (America's First Black President) absorbs ALL the blame for the incipient, irreversible "decline of the Murkin Empire."

That's why I always call him Shamwow, hippies?

See ya at the beach...

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