Wednesday, January 11, 2012

As The Cookie Crumbles: Quack-Thump

Hola Hippies! Paz in el Barrio! I hope you have a good day in view.

Imho: The GOPhux are throwing the presidential race to Obamster. It's still too toxic in the Oval Office...The taint of the Bushevik years did NOT go out with the old carpet. The Owners installed O'bambster to absorb the remaining soilage...It's why I call him President Shamwow.

In any case, they --the GOPhux-- don't fucking WANT it. No, no, no, no...

Back in the Boardroomm they're patient. It took 'em 60 years to get this far. They haver BOTH money AND time (unless the earth's climactic systems collapse). Satisfied with the knowledge that, as the legendary economist J.M. Keynes once remarked, "In the long run, we're all dead," the Owners/Oners appear content to hold the fort til 2016, when they're gonna resuscitate that popular, old Buck Owens standard, Together Again....Yessir, Ladeez an' Genemuns, Bush/Cheney, back together for the the FIRST TIME! Featuring Jebbie and Lizzie...(the crowd roars)

I mean, in other words, I think the fix is in (as I thought in 08, when the GOPhux waited to see if the economic crisis was going to abate and then, when it didn't, named Palin to the ticket), and the whole GOPhux primary campaign is nothing but another installment of the National Kabuki Theatre, performed mainly to attract campaign contributions..

Therefore, none of the "candidates" in the GOPhux Candidate Clown Car--the GOP CCC--is any more than a place-holder, a cypher, acting in a pedantic little drama meant to discipline the rambunctious Rightoids, as the McGovern campaign did to the fractious Left of the 1972 Dims.

McGovern, running against an unpopular, indeed mainly despised Richard Nixon lost 49 states. It struck such a blow against the nascent, and aspiring Left in and of the mainstream Dim "party" that they never recovered, and probably never will, if Sir Barry, the Capitulator, is the apposite case of the fruits of its evolution...

Be honest: NOBODY can possibly believe that either Pistol-packin' Rick Perry, or Neut "the Scoot" Gingrich, nor the ever-frothy Rick Santorum, with the pickled fetus on the mantel-piece, can survive the primaries with any public cred intact.

(Parenthetically: One of the genuinely glorious moments of this campaign occurred recently when Merriam-Webster, the dictionary folks, announced that they had added "/santorum/", a frothy their next book. No, really! There's a link...It's just so right I don't even CARE if it's true...)

Perry and Santorum cancel each other ouit, since both are both trying to win ONE faction--the wacktoid 'faithful'--and they'll split 'em. Neut "Til Illness Do Us Part" Gingrich, the stupid person's idea of a smart person, just too dirty, too compromised. Hunstman is still unknown, AND is a Mormon who worked for Shamwwow's State Dept.. Romney has the "Bain" of his existence to explain, if any dares pin him down on it. Many, even on the "left," seem drawn to Ron Paul, inexplicably. Paul is no less a creature of the corpoRat state than any of the rest of them in the GoPhux clown car, the creaky ol' GOP CCC; or Shamwow either, for that matter.

But Paul is particularly toxic, especially for his views on regulating (really, deregulating) industrial polluters--remember the good old days when industries regulated themselves for the public good and the safety of the environment? Neither do I, nr does anobody else...and turning the issue of rights BACK over to the States...I recall we already had a little dust-up, about 150myears ago over that last point, and the States' Rights folks were decisively and bloodily beaten. If anyone's wanna go back and try again, please suck sewage and expire.

But in the end, I don't think it is going to matter, too much. Because of the continuing, lingering stench of the previous 30 years as the Oligarchy eroded and corroded the powers of the People, and in light of the probability of future toxic spills, I think Shamwow's a lock; gonna need his absorptive capabilities.

I wouldn't however say the same about the Senate, which I think the GOPhux can and want to and probably WILL take, whilst holding the House.

Which will leave brave Sir Barry to carry the mantel forward, a 4-year, lame duck.

So follow me to the beach, hippies! Line up! Forward, march. Quack thump quack thump quack thump...

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