Sunday, January 1, 2012

HN&S (1/3/12): "Dear Barry..."

A New Year's message to "My President":

You know the legend that on Xmas Eve, the 'mute" animals are supposed to be able to talk? Part of the same legend is that on New Year's Day we're ALL on First Name BASIS. This is my New Year's Letter to the President.

Dear Barry:

Man, I gotta tella ya, you really, RILLY pissed me off last weekend.

It wasn't so much you signing that NDAA like you did, even though it enshrines in law the NEVER-BEFORE granted 'right' of the President to imprison folks--even your fellow citizens--without trial or appeal...

Or HOW you signed it, in the (metaphorical_) "dark of night," in the news hole on New Year's Eve, on a fucking SATURDAY, no less, when the CorpoRat/SCUM "press" was doing the traditional, ritual bullshit that the CorpoRat/SCUM "press" does this time of year, that they'd had in the can for months so they could go home, too...(Shrewd, bubba!)

AND it wasn't just the 'reservations' which you expressed in signing it--What the fuck, you resisted signing it cuz it didn't give you ENOUGH???Really? It's what you said!

I'll even pass on the "signing statement" when you did it--for which tactic you and all the REST of the gutless fucking Dims routinely and stertorously condemned the PREVIOUS crew of Fucktard Fascisti--

IT wasn't really all that that REALLY pissed ME RIGHT the fuck off.

Though it does.

What cranks MY jaws the MOST is that you not only arrogated that power for yourself which is bad enough, cuz I don't really trust you to use it justly--But GODDAM, MAN! THINK!

You ALSO gave THAT POWER--to indefinitely detain so-called "enemies"--to whatsoever OTHER, future, jack-booted, crypto-fascist fuckwitted fucknozzle who NEXT manages to exploit the system and gain the White House after you're gone. You have delivered all of US to THEM.

No--unless it comes from YOU, yourself, sir--the occasion may not arise in the immediate aftermath of your latest disappointment and betrayal of the people whom you alleged yourself in sympathy with.

It comes into play NEXT term, after you've exhausted your welcome, Sir Barry, and are peacefully contemplating your LONG, serene, comfortable retirement--certainly, nobody in your family will ever have to work ever again--and the GOPhux/Owners have installed Bush/Cheney, Redux"--Jeb Bush and Lizzie Cheney--behind their campaign slogans, blaming YOU for the fall and demanding bellicosely to "Restore America" (along with a whole plethora of other, similarly (and fiercely) nostalgic phrases extolling America's "past glories?"

Why, one might ask, would the GOP rallying cry be ferociously bemoaning the "fall" of the Nation and YOUR part in it?

That's because, sometime in the course of your LAST term--between now and 2016, the PRC will "officially" surpass the USofA in GNP/GDP, and the "End of the American Empire" will be loudly and popularly proclaimed, world wide, in the CorpoRat/SCUM "press" and the blame for it will fall SQUARELY on YOUR greying head (and drip down onto the REST of your "wing" of the Party) and you will be roundly and soundly blamed for it.

And that power you seized, last week?? It verges pretty damn close to preventative detention, which I don't ANYONE to use justly??? It will fall, all juicy, ripe and useful, into the hands of people who don't even care if they LOOK like criminals, thugs, and gunsels, by using it, and they WILL use it, gladly.

So, Barry, mah mayn, I gotta say: HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR, and thanks a fucking LOT! Ya done us AGAIN, you cheap-jack, punk-ass tool.

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