Monday, February 15, 2010

FUUKING Outrageous; NC School Secretary Fired For Speaking Spanish to Spanish-Speaking Parents

Via a lead on FB, to this:

According to a recent report in the Charlotte Observer, Ana Ligia Mateo, a secretary for Devonshire Elementary School in Charlotte, was fired for speaking Spanish to Spanish-speaking parents.
Mateo, who has since filed a lawsuit against the school district, claims that in 2008, Suzanne Gimenez, the new principal of Devonshire Elementary, arrived and quickly instituted a "no-Spanish rule." Gimenez (who is not Hispanic herself but is married to a Hispanic man), notified staff members that they were not to engage with parents in Spanish. English was to be the only means of verbal communication.
After this rule was handed down, Mateo continued to speak in Spanish to parents who had difficulties with English both in person and on the phone. Mateo's lawsuit describes an instance where a parent arrived, clearly distraught, claiming her son had been sexually assaulted while at school. Yet Gimenez prevented Mateo from translating for the parent, instead suggesting that the woman's seven-year-old son do the translating.
This is verbatim the letter I sent to the Distr4ict bureaucracy:
You cretinous, moronic, jingoistic, nativist dung-buckets, I am writing because I have just learned about the case of Ana Ligia Mateo, a secretary in your district who was fired for speaking Spanish to the Spanish-speaking parents of students at her school. On what planet do you drooling, feculent trogs live?

Our communities are diverse and our public schools ought to serve all students and all parents. Refusing to communicate with parents simply because they speak Spanish does a disservice to all students and couldn’t possibly help your educational goals, unless they included isolating, alienating, and disenfranchising people who, despite their differences, are membersw of your community and deserve your respect.

Education is too important to exclude and alienate significant numbers of students and parents, or to be left in such hands as yours, particularly if you are going to persist in such insulting, belittling behaviors without acknowledging your errors..

I therefore DEMAND your district to immediately and publically renounce all English-only rules in your schools, re-hire Ms. Mateo, and issue a public apology to the parents and the students whom your discriminatory and arguably racist acts apparently intentionally affronted.

--Signed. Dr. Woody, Ph.D.

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  1. You'd better translate that to 3d. Grade-level Murkin so the administrators and school board can understand it. Those big words will be ignored because reading anything over 4 letters makes their heads hurt.