Sunday, February 28, 2010

Peace Between Israel & the Palestinians

Ain't gonna happen, friendz.

As a State, Israel has territorial ambitions. All States have territorial ambitions. It is one of the requisites for international Statehood. Its 'intentions' aas a State are quite independent of the religion of the dominant faction if Israel at the moment. Everything that is true of Israel now would be true of it whatsoever religious faction/sect were the 'official' sect.

In terms of regional (and global) 'real-politik,' Israel-qua-State CANNOT permit the founding of a fully autonomous, sovereign Palestinian State inside itself.

It would be as if the Navajo had an army, air force, their own economy, industry, and international treaty and trade arrangements. The USofA couldn't tolerate that (with commendable foresight, USers pre-empted that problem with a genocide that is probably historically unmatched, exterminating more than 95% of ALL the original indigenes on on most of two continents, inside approximately 500 years. Spectacular, really.).

In addition, if Israel did accommodate an autonomous Palestinian State, it would face International Law requiring it to negoitiate in good faith with the palestinian State on matters such as a the division of resources. Inasmuch as Israel-qua-state has spent MOST of the 60+ pears of its existence appropriating, one way or another, most of the resources of the region, such negotiations would necessarily include RETURNING control of some of those resources to the Palestinians.

Now I ask you: Can you imagine, in your wildest dreams, what would await Benyamin Netanyahu or any other Israeli "leader" who would make that demand of a crowd of "settlers" or kibbutzim?

Remember Rabin?

Bibi, Tzipi, and Avi do, I guarantee you...

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