Monday, February 1, 2010

The Rebbi is completely and totally FULL OF SHIT!

Listen to his earnest codswallop, and to Sam's disposal of same with reference to Elvis.

There is no difference between believing in "God" and believing that Elvis lives.

To further make the relevant point, here is a brief compendium of stupid shit that 'believers' accuse atheists of, via AtheistRevolution:
If you write your own atheist blog or even visit one on a semi-regular basis, you have undoubtedly been exposed to all sorts of ludicrous arguments from Christian trolls. At least, it may seem that way. With a little analysis, I believe you'll discover that most of the arguments bleed together into a fairly small number of common themes. In this post, I'll consider some of the most common and share some thoughts on how to handle them.

I intend the following to be a non-exhaustive list of the most common absurdities atheists hear from Christians:
You can't prove there's not a god.
Atheism takes as much faith as Christianity.
Atheism is a religion.
You aren't really an atheist; you're just mad at god.
Without god, people have no reason to be moral.
I have utterly no use for folks who figger you gotta have "god" to be good.


  1. Why do Christians assume that the 'God' atheists don't believe in is necessarily their's? They have no problem about being atheistic about Zeus, Odin, or Vishnu. The RealGod that they all seem to believe in is $MONEY$, as they will excuse everything in it's relentless pursuit; exemplifying Selective Amnesia concerning the Beatitudes and the warnings about serving Mammon.

    As far as atheism being a 'religion', I suppose that 'poverty' is the result of just 'being mad' at prosperity.