Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Making the World Safe For Democracy?

I have a "pet theory" on the history and future of fascism.

It's that the wars of the 20th Century were NOT fought to end fascism, but to determine which version would prevail. Ever since the industrial revolution, the merger of the Corporation and the State has been inevitable. The only issue, really, was which would subsume the other.

WW I put an end to the European dynastic/monarchical models. WW II (and the Cold War, too) was about whether in the winning version a) the corporation would absorb the state or b) whether the state would command the corporations. Japan's theocratic/monarchical model survived WW I, but fell in WW II; it was a version of version #b.

Our version, #a, prevailed. And that is where we are today.

But now there's China, too. China appears to be succeeding along the lines of version #b. If China grows powerful enough, rapidly enough, and the USer decline proceeds apace, it wouldn't take a genius to predict another bloody confrontation of the competing versions could easily erupt as the retreating American Empire resists encroachment from a powerful rival...

P.S. There's a corollary theory, and that is that "fascism" as Mussolini invented it in the '20s is modeled fundamentally and primarily on the structures of the Roman Catholic Church. The genius of the Church is the installation of the 'eternal succession.' Imagine, instead of Il Papa, Il Duce, and you get the idea...