Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Agreeing, Yes. Okay, But To What

"I Challenge You!" announced a friend of mine on his Facebook wall, reiterating an all-too-common theme among liberal/progressive/leftish folks all over the Webz. The "challenge" is "...(I)nstead of you blaming me, and me blaming you, let's see if we can come up with something positive that offends the very fewest among us. Let's don't worry about abortions, or gun control or any other topic that takes us away from our focus of trying to correct the course of this Ship of State..."

I find such pleas as these--and they are as common as flies around carrion--to be confusing. We should "forget our differences and work together."

Work together for what? Here's a partial list of my principle(d) differences. Am I supposed to forget:
  • adopting abortion on demand,
  • strengthening gun control,
  • passing/signing climate-change-prevention/amelioration legislation,
  • providing Universal health CARE (not just fucking insurance),
  • rolling back corporate personhood,
  • breaking media monopolies,
  • ending wars,
  • re-instituting hand-counted paper ballots for elections,
  • affirming alternative energy solutions,
  • reducing/eliminting plastics consumption,
  • rejecting GMO foods,
  • healing the Gulf,
  • getting out of NAFTA et seq,
  • etc.
That's just off the top of my head.

Now, lemme get this straight: You want me to "temporarily" forget about these vital matters, matters whjich constitute the skeleton and sinew of my political involvement in the process at all, and set them aside to cooperate, presumably with folks to whom those positions are anathema. And this in order to return EXACTLY WHAT to our national dialogue? Civility? What?

It is precisely HOW those issues are driven and controlled by the Fucktards that pushed the "ship of state" so dangerously off course. It is impossible to "correct" that course WITHOUT attending to the outcome of those issue/debates.

This is where you detect the hand of B. HObama, or some absent eminence. HObama is one of those negotiators for whom the "process" is the ONLY thing that matters. What is agreed TO is ALWAYS of less significance than the act of agreeing.

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    I'll compromise when they do.