Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is The Opposite Of A "Granny" State A "Fagin" State?

Or, perhaps soon to be called the "Walker State?"

Here's the blueprint. Each pod is distinct, but it is also possible to think of them as overlapping spheres of a Venn diagram; that is, a set. The spark that ignites the whole array is contained in the aphorism "Every crisis is an opportunity," when "crisis" and Opportunity" are understood in the context of Naomi Klein's paradigm of the Shock Doctrine.

On Balloon Juice, there's a good discussion, which begins:
The assault on unions is currently the most obvious and contested part of this plan (despite the health of the public pension system in Wisconsin), but others – like the no-bid contracts and privatization scheme – are now coming to light. The last, and perhaps most significant, is the attack on public services and particularly healthcare for the poor.
Read more at the link, it's worth the time.

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