Monday, February 28, 2011

A New Leaf: Pages from "the Book of Faces"

Today, on this blog, I am turning over a new leaf, whereupon I plan to inscribe relevant observations, ideas and features I've been involved with on Facebook over the given time period, i.e., daily, or even less. Starting with:

Hauling Yer Weight: In reply to a post from karen in Phoenix, advancing the cause of recalling the particularly odious ass-wipe/fascist Puke President of the AZ Senate, named Russell Pearce (I wonder if he's kin to the GOPuke Steve Pearce, who's the US Rep for NM's southern District? They're cut from the same cloth.):
See, now HERE'S where we really need a sympathetic billionaire, to step in with a million here (AZ), a million there (WI), another million thither (FL), and yet another yon (OH), and here (NM), too. I'm sure you could get any Gub in the cunchry recalled for $10 Million, take or leave a few mil...
Well, $10 MIL in fly-over ville; what did it cost to recall Grey, in Cali? It took close to $100Million.

The Innocence of Lettuces:
"Nobody--except those who believe, on no evidence at all, that an immortal soul really is implanted in the embryo at the moment of conception, thus endowing it with complete humanity--can say at what point an embryo turns into a human being. The innocence of fetuses is not in doubt. But it is irrelevant: lettuces are innocent too."--Robert Hughes
DOTOF--Mike Feigen

Divided, we beg!:
"The Battle of Madison, in addition to being about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s desire to cripple his state’s public sector unions, is also at least ostensibly about budgetary matters. Walker wants to get those nasty teachers and other government workers to foot more of the bill for their retirements, right? Well … wrong actually. And one of the worst kinds of wrong, a factual error so broadly accepted by the journalists covering the story that it distorts everyone’s understanding of it." Robert Schlesinger

The First Eleven: A unionized employee, a Tea Party member & a corporate CEO are sitting at a table. In the middle is a plate with a dozen donuts on it. The CEO pulls a pistol, and gestures to a flock of toadies outside the door, who come in, reach out & take 11 of the donuts. The CorpoRat then turns to the Tea Party member and sez: 'Look out for that union fucker, he wants a piece of your cookie.'

‎"United, we bargain; divided, we beg."
Every movement needs a unifying slogan, and this one (it seems to me) coalesces and consolidates both the spirit and the aspirations of the demonstrators into one, brief, pithy sentiment! It's free, my small contribution to the struggle.

HUELGAMOS, TODOS: Woody cautions folks not to forget there is language in the PATRIOT ACT which defines "interference in interstate commerce" to be a species of "domestic terrorism," and I am morally certain that the language is in there if not to deter a General Strike, then to punish one.
Could a general strike happen here? Experts say maybe
General strikes have been very rare in the United States, but students of labor point to a confluence of circumstances in Madison with dramatic potential.

Student Achievements: Vary by state. The single factor which figures most prominently in comparisons of students' scores on standardized 'achievement' tests--the variable which accounts for the greates variance, as they say in stats-- is the SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS of the students' families. ZIP Code is a better predictor of academic success at ALL levels than IQ Score. Students' family SES accounts for more than 2/3 of all variance.

The Griftress: FB Friend Ernest Spoon posted on Sarah Palin's apparently declining pouplarity among GOPukes in Iowa, asking (rhetorically, I know) why she gets ANY attention. I replied:
Murka LOVES Us some grifters, probably because, at base, Murka is a nation of grifters.
:grift: ~~ Money made dishonestly, as in a swindle. 2. A swindle or confidence game; :grifter: ~~ Swindler, confidence operator.
Grifters: It's who we are, deep down, at the bottom of our collective 'souls,' the national DNA: a nation of scammers, thieves, swindlers, and low-lifes bent on making/taking the beeg bux the easiste, quickest way. Remember Manhattan?But Spoon, I wouldn't say she's been "groomed." The washed mosta the shit outta her hair, but "groomed?" Nah... She'd NEVER qualify for Westminster...

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