Monday, February 14, 2011

Finally, Some Real Science on the BP Gulf Oil Disaster

Probably, "gthey" will never actually do anything about this because in all practical reality, there is probably nothing that can be done except to wait and watch nature take its now radically disrupted course.

Then there's this, posted on the Toob las August by YodadogProductions:

Massive kills of fish and other aquatic life are being reported all over the place; NOW SCIENTISTS HAVE JUST CONFIRMED "toxic levels of oil & dispersant in 13 marine organisms" This report has JUST come in. 14 scientists from the U of S. Fla. just got back from 10 days in the gulf. They have tested the water, soil, plankton, etc....check OIL DROPLETS ALL ALL ALL ALL OVER THE GULF FLOOR, you will see it with the UV light, watch, learn and spread, DON'T EAT SEA FOOD, DON'T GET WET FROM THE RAIN(you never know)!!!!! Sorry, for quality, missed the first few moments of the broadcast, but this is EXTREMELY URGENT INFO!!! THIS IS A "FAIR USE" PRESENTATION.
The ratings on this have been disabled 2x's now. I never diable the ratings of my videos, yet immediately after uploading it suddenly was off. It had 1 like, then was off somehow, I discovered it, re-enabled them, then WHAM BAM this morning they are off again, after accumulating 3 more likes. I have video'd this and re-enabled them. Is this BP or Youtube censorship of some kind? It just happened again. It's 3 times now.!

UPDATE: Notice the push that has JUST begun telling people it's ok to eat the seafood. Just like it was ok for the responders after ground zero regarding air quality, just like it was ok for workers of the exxon valdez and now the bp workers and they don't need breathers or anything like that. Go ahead and eat the seafood it you trust the government's track record in this regard. NEVER FORGET, IT'S ABOUT THE MONEY STUPID!!! They rather have the money changing hands now to "keep the economy going" than to tell the truth, or maybe they just want you dead.
Or maybe it's all just alarmism, and everything's gonna be alright...

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