Monday, October 24, 2011

As The Cookie Crumbles: Mission "Creep"

A fair amount of unseemly triumphalism is again attending the assassination of another world leader by forces allied with and supported by the USofA and our blood-soaked, international criminal, Barack Hussein Obama. You KNOW there is NOTHING in international law about when it's permissible to overthrow a sitting ruler, or to institute "regime change." But the O'bots are gleefully claiming the Bushian mantle of "Mission: Accomplished." (By the way: The deceased looks faintly "Christ-like," doesn't he? But i suppose ANY dead, blood-covered Levanter looks faintly "Christ-like," splayed on the ground like that.)

But what "mission"--for the AMERICAN PEOPLE, rather than the international big money cartels--has he actually "accomplished?" Other than turning the economy entirely over to the banksters and financial fraudsters, keeping the war profiteers rolling in dough, and driving USer jobs overseas with NEW "free trade" agreements which , i f memory serves, he campaigned AGAINST?
We've STILL got 4 or 5 (or 6 or 7, depending on how you count 'em) wars draining the treasury.

We've STILL got (unofficially) 15-20% unemployment (The "official" number is about half that; but the official copunt is flawed by SO many factors asa to make it laughable when reported witha strraight face...)

We've STILL got nearly 50 MILLION people, and 20 MILLION kids, in poverty, and CUTS promised to their meager benefits. The average wage, inflation adjusted is STILL about what it was in 1980. Median income is around 42 THOUSAND, but for the lowest NINETY percent it's a full TEN thousand dollars per year the "median." "OFFICIAL POVERTY LEVEL IS $22, 400 FOR A FAMILY OF FOUR).

We've STILL got Goldman-Sachs running the treasury and the Fed. (Geithner, the Bernank, Daly, and close to 100 other close, financial advisors and officials, owe their loyalty to Wall Street, NOT Pennsylvania Ave or "Main Street.)

We've STILL got millions who cannot get medical insurance. Remember the 44 THOUSAND people it was said died every year for lack of adequate insurance? They're STILL dying.)

We've STILL got NO "green" energy policy. (He ran off the ONLY credible "green" advocate he even brought into Gummint, Van Jones. And clean energy plans are invisible).

We've STILL got no--or at least a sorely diminished--4th Amendment. (Where, o, where has our "habeas corpus" gone?)

We've STILL got more and more GMOs entering the food supply. (And Big Ag--Monsanto, ConAgra, Cargill, Koch Industries--alumni and alumna pervade the US Ag Dept.)

We've STILL got The PATRIOT ACT. (Remember when he said he'd "revisit" it once elected? He did, to strengthen the fucker.)

We've STILL got Cunt-Hair Clancy on the SCROTUS. With a black president and AG, this is the only arrangement by which the DoJ could investigate and indict him WITHOUT bringingf out the cahrges of another "High-trech lynching".)

We've STILL got an out-of-control medical system. Costs are rising faster than inflation, wages, and the GDP combined.)

We've STILL got no national industrial policy except out-sourcing and off-shoring. (He's signing or signed off on FTAs with Korea, Colombia, and Panama this year.)

C'mon! What fucking "mission" has the skeevy, grinning, jug-eared fuckwit actually accomplished, other than strengthening the lock-grip of the CorpoRats over EVERY aspect of our lives?

Don't all try to answer at once, hippies. You can tell me when I see you at the beach...

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