Monday, October 17, 2011

WWH ~~ Hippie News & Stuff: Projected

The House Thursday last passed a bill that would permit an exception of conscience if a doctor refused to perform an abortion even if it meant the death of the mother. Friday morning the Zuckersphere (or my part of it) was understandably abuzz.

Remember, it passed the House, but that's all. It's not 'veto-proof. The vote was too close. Over-riding needs a two-thirds majority. This is just more fucking GOPhux kabuki for their basest base, and another distraction to the Dims.

The true arbiter of this law would be the Senate.

And even in the unlikely event it passed there, then St, Barry would have to veto it.

Though his actually doing so would depend on two factors, I think:
1) How close to the election it was, and
2) How close they wanted us to think the 'election' was gonna be.
Shamwow's a TOTAL "pragmatist."He'll do what he thinks will get him the "results" he's after.

Really, friends! Don't worry about St. Barry's second term. He's a shoe-in.

The GOP wants NOTHING more than to have St. Barry back for a second term. He's GOOD for 'em. He does EVERYTHING THEY WANT, BUT makes the Dims responsible. It's a perfect arrangement.

If they REALLY wanted to "win" it, they'd have a candidate who, if they "won," would NOT raise the election fraud flags like ANYONE in the Clown Car would.

They'll be happy to just take the Senate, hold the House, and leave St. Barry, the Compromiser, dangling in the wind, there to take the blame for the "fall of the American Empire," which will begin around 2015, when China's economy surpasses the US.

Then the GOPhux will ahve a sure-fire issue for the rest of the Century, or as long as the White majority lasts: "RESTORE MURKA to it's greatness that the Negrow and the Soshulist party destroyed."

A total money-maker, I gay-RON--tee, it, chers.

And a final thought:
Though the analogy is not perfect, Capitalism does resemble cancer, in that BOTH require and promote indefinite, unlimited growth.

In Capitalism, this is called "progress"; in cancer it is called "metastasis.

In both cases, the hosts are killed.

Be Safe, Hippies! Back to you in Hippie Central, Win-stone!!!

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