Friday, October 21, 2011

As The Cookie Crumbles: Portmanteau Edition

Good morning, hippies!
Prior Warning: There's gonna be a bit of profanity and a bit of blasphemy ensuing here shortly... Just so's ya know!
(Begin BUFFETT IMAGE HERE) There was an image up on the Web the other day, of a kindly, elderly Warren Buffett, proclaiming, modestly: "I' could end the deficit in five minutes. You just pass a law that says anytime there's a deficit of more than THREE PERCENT of GDP, ALL sitting Congressmembers become ineligible for re-election."

Doncha just love the sound of that? So self-assured, so REASONABLE. Like some elder statesman bringing wise council...(Stop the BIG BUFFET image here)

But Fuck ME Running! Who is fucking kidding whom? What kind of fucking MORONS actually BELIEVE to this turgid, runny shit?

The key phrase, which elevates this discourse from modest, dorm-level, late-night, sophomoric speculation to the level of complete, utter, unmitigated BULL-SHIT is this:

"You just pass a law..."

Ex-fucking-sCUSE ME? What the FUCK! I put this in the same class of moronic, imbecilic, cluelessness as: "Well, all we need to do to roll back Citizens United and revoke corpoRat citizen-hood is pass a Constitutional Amendment."

Just WHO the fuck do you think is gonna PASS that law, that amendment, you drooling fuckwitz?

Oh, yeah! We could fix the whole fucking COUNTRY if we could "just pass a law..." Like: Hey, Mickey, I know, We'll have a SHOW!!!!

That's the whole fucking problem! We CAN'T "JUST PASS A FUCKING LAW." And Buffett and his billionaire buddies are mainly the ones who made it impossible. They spent dozens of years, and millions of dollars, to set it up THIS way, packing the Congress with millionaires (more than half; 66 Senators), so that every deal redounds to their EVERY benefit, and we, the people, can't pass ANY laws that reduce their influence one fucking iota...

GET THIS STRAIGHT! THEY named the candidates, THEY financed 'em, THEY got 'em elected, THEY supported 'em in office...WHY?

BECAUSE those skeevy "congresscritters" KNOW who owns'em, and pays'em, and keeps 'em shittin' in tall "gummint" cotton.

Jeezus FUCK, people. It's the same kind of purblind ignorance--or pretense, it's hard to tell, sometimes--as that which at a distressing number of times appears to drive the likes of Robert Reich and Paul Krugman to their ambivalent conclusions about the power and motivations of the T-baggers.

Reich and the rest do not seem to understand a fundamental dynamic in this equation.

It is this:
The t-bagger contingent is QUITE content if their standards of living are diminished a little as long as, in in consequence, and along with it, the situations of the people they despise as their inferiors--mainly 'coloreds'--are affected even WORSE than they are.

To yer basic t-bagger, the WORST thing about Social Security and Universal Health Care, or any gummint assistance program is that it treats the T-baggers, the rednex and crackkkers who regard themnselves as SUPERIOR to the rest of those whom the benefit includes--EXACTLY THE SAME as the people they detest, and they cannot ABIDE that.

They don't WANT to be thought 'equal" or 'equivalent' to and be treated exactly the same as those whom they despise as their inferiors! And they'd rather crash the program than be regarded as in any way the same way as those "Nigras" and "Messkins."

So they don't mind if their own piece of the pie is a little diminished, as long as their "inferiors" take a BIGGER hit, or preferrably are entirely deprived.

That's just how that cookie crumbles down in those t-bagger precincts, hippies.

Stop by the Store on the way out and pick up a tank top with the cool WWH logo, or a bumpersticker. Those dichoric ampules are pretty nifty, too. We'll watch 'em change colors when I see ya at the beach...chers.

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