Tuesday, October 25, 2011

As The Cookie Crumble: Underwater

A story that got a lot of play on the Blog Monday was this one:

"Obama to announce actions on housing, student loans
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama this week will announce a series of actions to help the economy that will not require congressional approval, including an initiative to make it easier for homeowners to refinance their mortgages, according to a White House official."

Winston put it here up on WWH, if you haven't seen it elsewhere...

But Y'r Ob'd't S'v't, Dr WOODY, disrespectfully demurs, in any case: What the FUCK?

I've mentioned this some months ago, and it seems nothing's changed. It is STILL long YEARS--almost 36 months--into his term, and Shamwow is JUST NOW getting around to authorizing "fiat"-remedies for under-water home-owners--and providing a little relief for the deluded proles who were told to "buy an education" to achieve the Murkin dream--to possibly alleviate some of the most draconian consequences illegally inflicted upon them by the depredations of Obomber's BIGGEST BACKERS, the banksters and fraudsters? These measures do NOT REQUIRE CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL!

AND THEY NEVER DID. So, how come it took our Constitutional Scholar President nearly 36 months to figure THAT shit out? And WHY THE FUCK DID HE WAIT SO LONG?

Answer me this, if you think I'm being unfair: What the FUCK was the skeevy, grinning, toothy, jug-eared fuckwit WAITING FOR?

?Time enough for the tame O'bots to arrange their excuses, and explanations, along with the hopeful, exculpatory cries that "It's better late than never?"

I am terribly SORRY, BUT why IS IT BETTER LATER than "never?". "Never" is already here for several hundreds of thousands of broke, displaced, unemployed Murkin families immiserated by the banksters and fraudsters and the "market."

In the intervening 34 months, millions of people have been tossed onto the streets by those same banksters and fraudsters, people who might have been spared that if the skeevy, grinning, jug-eared fuckwit had begun this on DAY FUCKING ONE!

Which he COULD have done. But he DIDN'T! Either he neglected to, through some oversight, or he just didn't WANT to do at the time.

FUCK THIS 'forgiving" crap.

This is the "meritocracy." Either you perform or you don't.

Fuck your excuses for the shitwhistle!

Meanwhile, there's THIS crock of shit: (Post The "Rome" image here)

Which Woody thinks is the deepest, stinkiest, murkiest BULLSHIT!

It wasn't "eight years of madness" that brought us where we are.

It was 50 years of concerted, bi-partisan effort, a hundred billion or so dollars spent to buy the Press, and the complicity of EVERY SINGLE MOTHERFUCKER WHO occupied the office. Remember: Bill Clinton signed off on repealing Glass-Steagall, at the behest of Robert Rubin, et al...(end it here)

Bill Clinton PROUDLY put an end to "welfare as we know it."

And, in case you have had yer head up Obasmster's keester all that time, the last 30 MONTHS haven't brought us one CENTIMETER closer to changing ANYTHING, and the next 60 months, won't either...

Eleventh-dimension chess???

I doubt he wins at "Slap-Jacks" with four-year-olds...

You can bet the ranch on that'n, hippies...

See you at the beach.

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