Wednesday, February 15, 2012

As The Cookie Crumbles: Judas Priests

The hierarchy of the Roman church is up in arms about Obambster's efforts to curry favor with women voters in this election year by making a symbolic gesture meant to ensure that female employees of even institutions, such as the Church, which claim so-called "moral" exemptions for dispensation from the law may be eligible for insurance coverage of birth-control pills.

It's fookin' amazing how some folks interpret "freedom of religion" as license to impose their sado-masochistic fantasies about death and redemption through the "common law" on you even if you're not a 'believer,' ain't it? I hate shit like that.

But: The Church--through its National Council of Bishops (the "Princes of the Church")--claims it's long-standing doctrinal policy and its institutional "morality" prohibiting contraception means it MAY refuse BOTH to sanction it, AND to permit its insurers to cover such treatments. That is, the Church claims is constitutionally protected in imposing its "values" on people who have no more connection with it than accidental employees. If its specious edicts won't prevail, then its insurers will.

Now the tricky Constitutional waters that are hereby stirred are deep and murky. Mitch McConnell, NOT to my knowledge a host-snapper, already volunteered to support ANY organization to claim a "moral" exemption from ANY Federal mandate. Where does it stop? Can Pastafarians prevent their employees from attending Zoomba?

Still to me, and I hope to you, too, hippies, this leaves a SERIOUS question unasked; the mitred-and-croziered elephant in the nave, so to speak, with a boner out to the choir-loft. To wit:

What BUSINESS does a religious institution like the Roman Catholic Church, which DEMONSTRABLY cannot prevent, and has at LEAST turned a blind ecclesiastical eye on, members of its OWN clergy serially committing child-rape, abuse, and sodomy, even within the walls of its own churches and cathedrals, for HUNDREDS of years--what business does such an institution have making proclamations about the morality of ANYTHING and much less invoking its conventions in a CIVIC action to block contraception???

One might be tempted even to go further: What business, indeed, does that, or any such institution have claiming ANY "moral" authority whatsoever, on ANYTHING, ANY subject, ANY issue?

Why should ANYBODY pay the slightes BIT of attention to them, and silently accept their fucking abuse, UNTIL and unless they purge their temples of the clerical catamites, sanctuarial sodomizers, the priestly pederasts, and the serial child-rapists.

I do NOT know how folx who profess the confession can stand to be around ANY of the cassocked criminals. I'd even go further. Until they start paying taxes, and register their priests, and other clergy whose primary allegiance is to Rome as agents of a foreign power...Or the Vatican can resign from the UN.

Wadda you think, Hippiews? Tell me when I see you at the beach.

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