Monday, February 20, 2012

As The Cookie Crumbles: Zodiacal King Cake

Got a little bit of the lagniappe fo ya cher! on this Mardi Gras day. Down in the Carneval towns--New Orleans, Mobile, Rio, you know?--there'll have been a LOT of astrological imagery attendant on the festivities, through the parades and pageantry that wrap it all up tonight; so for today, Laissez le bon Temps rouler! Cher!!!

A fella was commenting on FBook the other day about the 'irony' of his father--whose birth sign was cancer--having succumbed to the disease "cancer," last July. The metaphor he used was "swallowed by the crab."

And I wondered, if it were plausible that one's birth sign would have some influence on the manner of one's demise. Given the perceived power ascribed to the relative positions of the constellations at any given time by the followers of astrology, it must CERTAINLY be plausible, at least, that what fates one copuld foresee befalling members of particular "signs? might be "hidden" in their signs.

I mean, for instance, my birth occurred in an astrologically liminal space, on the "cusp," it is said, between Ares and Taurus. If the avatar of the "sign" is viewed as the emblem of one's potential/possible demise, and I, like Oedipus' father, Laius who, to forestall a fate betold by the Oracle--that he would be slain by his son--, left the son who was destined to kill him to feed the wolves on the chilly, Agean mountain-top outside Corinth where the child was found and rescued by shepherds and later returned to slay his father and impregnate his mother; IF I, that is, desired to escape such dire toils of fate, I would then probably do best to strenuously avoid careers in bull-fighting, goat-roping, cattle rustling and dairy-farming, for instance, if I would escape my fate.

But, what, then, of other signs?

Are Aquarians, for example, prone to drowning? Or, are they struck by lightning in the shower? Michaelangelo's David has always struck me as the posture of a man peeing unself-consciously, in the shower.

As I mentioned, Ares could be trampled by rams, and Taurus gored by bulls...

Leo gets eaten by wild beasts, yeah that makes sense.

Would Geminis, get mugged--Cuz there were TWO of 'em!?

Could Scorpios be susceptible to bug bites, in general; do they die of anaphylactic shock from a sting?

Pisces: Just when you thought it was safe...

Capricorn stumps me, I admit...It's "goat-headed fish." Which seems to be a suggestion of another watery fate; but it contains echoes of immanent contradiction so foretells the perils of bi-polartity.

Are Libras-in their balancing act, more likely to fall to the arm of Justice? Grover Norquist's a Libra. Being crushed under the scales of justice just COULDN'T happen to a nicer fella.

Sagittarius--the mounted archer, a hunter!--falls before another, better hunter?

Food for thought, nest paw, hippies?

Oh yeah! How does a Virgo go? Au Go-Go? You thought I forgot...Remind me when I see ya at the beach...paz!

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