Wednesday, February 8, 2012

As The Cookie Crumbles: Two Weevils

Hey hippies...Paz en el Barrio...Wanna try some MORE "positivity, a la Woody?"

Well, here ya go!

Confused about for whom to "vote" in this year's quadrennial power-grab and leadership sweepstakes, in which you had no say as to the selections which were forced upon you by the whims and caprices of the Oners?

Are you dismayed by the fact that, although you had almost ZERO to say about who is selected, you will have to LIVE with the ONERS' choice, no matter what kind of a chuckle-headed, fucking, incompetent, drooling moron he (or she) is for AT LEAST the next four years?

Are you tired of feeling like you HAVE to choose, between Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dumber, or else reject the core symbol of your democratic principles by not voting at all (and hearing all those ghostly corpses moaning that they died so you could vote --though they didn't, really.)???

Here's my solution: "OCCUPY THE BALLOT!"

By which I mean, when you go to vote, cast your ballot for ANYONE, for President, EXCEPT the nominees of the two dominant "Parties," the two, over-determined "wings" of the party Gore Vidal calls the "Party of Property," which are practically indistinguishable when considered fro the perspective of policy, anyway.

We need to mount a national campaign.! Vote NEITHER for brave, Sir/Prince Barry, the Failed, nor for the GOPhux' designated gollem.

Instead, on election day, proudly cast your ballot for the Silly Walks Party, or the Democratic Socialists, or the Peace & Freedom Party (I was an old PF Flyer, in the day) or the Greens, or ANYBODY else. Write-in, I dunno, Kucenich, or Budreaux the dog, if your State allows it.

And publicize your intention. ANNOUNCE it. Tell your friends and family; tell the Media. Tell 'em you're gonna vote "None of the Above."

Vote ANYBODY BUT! Sir/Prince Barry, the unctuous flunky, AND/OR whatsoever offering the GOPhux trot out for the charade, be it Rmoney, or Neut, the "Scoot," or Ron Paul, or whomsoever the sacrificial offering turns out to be...

Spread the word, spread the meme:

Your vote WILL "count" among the millions who use this expedient to declare: NEITHER ONE OF YOU FUCKING CLOWNS DESERVES TO LEAD THIS COUNTRY, AND I REJECT YOU, TOTALLY!!!

Next best thing to, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it ANYMORE!"

P.S.: I fully understand that some folks will feel compelled to select "the lesser of Two Evils," and vote for that person to try to prevent the ascension to leadership of the really bad fucktards (though they may be functionally indistinguishable from their opponents). So vote the LOTE (the molestor of two weevils). But at least have the decency to feel like shit about it.

We'll feel better when we get it to the beach, hippies...PAZ!

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  1. the one on top is the lesser. You should be ashamed of yourself... what a vile clench.