Monday, February 27, 2012

Hippie News & Stuff: Semiotics of Work

Hola, Hippies. Thanks Winstone, eh, Bugs, chomp chomp...A little semiotics today.

Take a look at this image,
which was circulating on Fbook the other day, and see if you can figure out what there there is about the overall tone and tenor of it that just gets right the fuck up ol' Dr. Woody's pro-labor, former workingman's aching fucking back--The same Dr. Woody who, though not yet "the Doc," after removing the tip of his thumb with a mis-struck blow from a waffle-headed, 24 oz framing hammer, has sucked the blood off, and reach reached BACK into his nail bag for the next sinker.

Ya, ya, everybody nods. Lazy workers, overpaid, and too many, sitting or standing around on some dumb-ass job that one man is doing. Lazy, probably UNION workers? Wasting YOUR tax dollars...What words do you use?

You may wanna believe it's just a "funny" poster. But if so, you probably also believe there's a difference between Coors and Bud...Shit like this is pro-business, pro-big money, small govt disinformation, spun to sour citizens against the just claims of municipal workers. Like in Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Florida, and New Mexico where ALEC-sponsored representatives are trying to rescind workers' gains.

I dunno how many of y'all have ever done that kind of labor, but they're not one-man jobs. It takes a crew. They all do different jobs. One guy drives the loader, another guy operated the tamper, and mebbe a couple swing shovels or brooms. And there's the engineer in charge, and his assistant, and the supervisor comes around, too, and mebbe the safety guy.

But the captioning makes it seem like they're all a bunch of loafers, supernumeraries wasting gummint/taxpayers' money, while the ONE necessary guy does all the work.

See? Yeah, him: if you look REAL close, you'll see that there is a man in the hole, kinda precariously doing stuff. They call him "Jose" to make another spurious point about pigment. But if you look, "Jose" possesses a distinctly pale hue.

So, on to reality: Do any of you know how unstable dirt can be, if it's been disturbed and excavated? There's room for only one man in that hole, and you know that only if you've ever worked in unstable holes. That shit can fall in on ya and kill ya in a minute. I've been on crews where it happened. You cannot unbury somebody as fast as they can be covered up and suffocate.. So OSHA has safety rules governing how many men can be in a hole of a given size, safely. (Rules that, they say, the remaining GOPhux Clown candidates would eliminate, but I digress...)

So, lemme--Ol' worker Woody, the poor man's semiotician--toss ya heads up, when reading the world: the folks who CAN will fuck with you every time. They DON'T want you to SEE what's before your eyes. They want you to see what they want you to see, and they fix things so that's how it works out.

"WTF" is ALWAYS your friend, hippies...Paz, and back to Winstone, in Hippie Central

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