Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I "Hope" Pastor Anderson's Church Explodes Next Sunday

I wouldn't pray, of course. I don't do that...

...but--kinda the way he and his congregation hopes AND prays "thePrez" gets brain cancer--I profoundly "hope" lightning strikes Pastor Anderson's church next Sunday, when all the parishioners--men, women and children--are inside...

and that there's an undiscovered gas leak in the building...

and that the lightning sets off a HUGE explosion...

and that the whole filthy place gets razed to the ground.

You will note, I have NOT wished for the death of anyone, pastor or (gun-toting) congregants. No, no. "That would be wrong," as former President Nixon once declared (in another context, of course): It would be wrong to wish for the untimely demise of another person.





To accuse me of such thoughts would be the vilest calumny.

No, I only "hope" for the explosion.

After that, what happens is between them and their "God."


  1. You did that quite well Woody. I feel the same way, if they put so much stock in this god of theirs - they can work it out together. What retards!

  2. Most Murkins do "nuance" the way they do leprosy: terrified ineptitude.

    i.e.: thanks...