Monday, September 21, 2009

WTF? Congressional Dims Attacking ACORN?

ACORN Bill Shows 2006, 2008 Dim Election Wins Were "Meaningless"

Paul Rosenberg, of Open Left, via ALTERNET:
Why the Congressional Dems' Attack on
ACORN Is an Attack On Us All

When the congressional Democrats joined the Republicans in attacking ACORN and cutting off its funding--without even the pretense of an investigation to establish a rational basis for their actions--they clearly demonstrated the almost utter meaninglessness of electing a Democratic majority over the past two wave elections. The elections were clearly important in terms of removing the GOP from direct power, so that it's worst abuses were either ended or toned down.

But clearly nothing remotely resembling actual Democratic governance has emerged to take it's place. And this vote was a stark, harrowing reminder of how politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum: if you don't have a positive agenda, you will end up voting for any sort of stupid, evil shit that comes down the line, if the stampede factor is high enough. Or, to put it more bluntly: If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. So here's a quick run-down on what I see as six of the principle evils involved in this heinous act. I invite everyone to add to my list in comments.
I'll enumerate them here with minimum explanation, the full texts of which can be read on the link, above:
(1) Screw The Poor, Part 1: The defunding directly takes money away from the leading organization involved in helping low and moderate income keep their homes...

(2) Screw The Poor, Part 2: Cutting back on voter registration for minority and low-income voters..

(3) Empower Demonization: ...The stupidest thing that Democrats can do is cave in to rightwing demonization, and thereby empower it. So, naturally, that's what the Versailles Dems do...

(4) VALIDATE Demonization: But the Versailles Democrats didn't just empower conservative demonization by allowing it to succeed. They joined in on it--essentially saying that conservatives were right to demonize ACORN...

(5) Invalidate the reason for voting for Democrats in the first place...

(6) A general "fuck you" to all grassroots activists. Seriously, if I have to explain this one to you, I'm afraid that I can't possibly explain it to you.
Presumably, one would include "community organizers" in that "grass-roots activists" category "thePrez" just shat upon, again, nest paw?

Cartoon by Kevin Siers of The Charlotte Observer (September 18, 2009) and featured at McClatchy DC. DOTOF™ to Diane/Cab Drollery

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