Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Kings Tut-Tut

My little exercise in Faux 'Journalism'/Agitprop was picked up by a relied-upon o'seas blog, Avedon Carrol's The SideShow, today (in a four-hour period, when I recorded 100 hits, 38 of them came from her link. Thanks Avedon! There's no 'bad' traffic!)

But the piece--which broadly implied that Glenn Beck might be involved in multiple, sexual homicides; not a masterpiece of subtlety, I'll grant--elicited a couple of the kinds of responses one anticipates when one takes off the gloves and mixes it up, down in the mud, and the blood and the beer. Because Murka regards "nuance" with the same degree of understanding with which it regards leprosy. This is a battle for the Id of Murka. No holds barred.

But, apparently, it aint "seemly." "We" don't stoop to those devices...

"Tut, tut," saith one Mandarin--"not good for the cause." Presumably it's an image thing. "Seriousness" is much prized. "Tut-tut-Tut," exclaimeth another, gathering seriousness unto himself like a cloud. "Tut tut tut tut tut," mutters another at a distance, as a citation...(It's almost as if they're lecturing the hostess for a breach in protocol. I wonder how she feels about that?)

Agitprop "works." Truth is no antidote. It is always contingent. The Bushevik years should have taught anybody with more brain-cells than a jelly-fish. Twain noticed (paraphrasing): A lie's got round the world before the truth is outta bed. The advantage is with the fustest, with the mostest, in propaganda as in every other kind of competitive human endeavor.

Beck and the rest can control the discourses only until they are discredited. They have to be humiliated. Mocked. Covered in filth. Losers. Not gently discussed as if they were weird flora.

It really doesn't matter, as they have so skillfully demonstrated all these years, whether there is a single scintilla of truth in any charge. It is in play as soon as it is "out there." Especially in the 24-hour news cycle, the propagandists personal, private propaganda petri dish.

LBJ is said to have remarked (paraphrasing): I don't give a rat' ass if it's true or not. I just wanna hear the sumbitch DENY it!

The guy shouting "I'M not a liar. YOU'RE A LIAR!" is not saving face, is not "winning.".

Addendum:@10:22, MDT, Sept. 3, 2009

Via Google:
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Fyeieio: The Pond is #4 among 227MILLION pages containing that text string!

Izzis a great fuckin' cunchry, 'rwaht?

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