Sunday, September 6, 2009

Van Jones, Who Thought He Could Talk "Like A White Man"...

Van Jones resigned his post in the Obama regime last night in the wake of furious scurrilous claims moounted mainly by Glenn Beck (whose lies Jones had been instrumental in highlighting and challenging, causing advertisers to publically desert Beck, albeit NOT Faux News) about his having called Pukes "assholes," and having signed a petition demanding further inquiry into the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

Jones made a single mistake, but in two shapes: Van Jones mistake was imagining the rules for white guys applied to him as well.

Not! (Obviously)...

He thought that being on the winning team accorded some protection.

And it would have, had he been a black Puke. Look at Michael Steele. Even for a losing cause, Steele is sufficiently "white" that he can get away with all kinds of wacky, idiotic, stupid, racist shit...Steele, however, is a lackey and stooge of the White wing of the Party of Privilege and property: an Honorary "White" guy.

But Jones is an (inferior) member of the "Inferior" wing of the Party of Privilege & Property. That's the wing of the Poor and Colored Folks. The "Inferior" wing does NOT possess the dispensations accorded to the Superior wing, the wing of Whiteness and Cash. Winners or not, they are not permitted to speak 'accurately' about their opponents.

What, did Jones think he was a White man? Fool...

Van Jones' sin was talking like a white man.

He called the Mandarins "assholes." That they definitely ARE assholes is no excuse, no protection.

As an "inferior" (colored) member opf the "Inferior" wing of the party of power and property he mistakenly thought that being on the 'winning' side gave him some cover. That he could criticize his opponents in language similar to that being leveled against him.

As for the "truther" argument:

Last week there was a story over at Conde Naast that Vladimir Putin might have been complicit in fomenting the troubles that he gained his reputation and power by quelling, "the Chechens!"

It was regarded as a serious complaint by the Russians--who forbade its publication in Russia--by Cande' Nast, which succumbed to Russian pressure, adn by NPR which bveathlessly reported it as a 'journalism' story.

Americans, that is, had no qualms about suggesting that Putin might have killed Russians to advance his political agenda. But Murkins who harbor such suspicions about the Busheviks are deemed 'paranoids?"

Why are Murkins held to be more honorable, less bloody-minded, than the Russians?

Because Murkins "wouldn't do that"?

We don't torture either, iirc...

(Addendum: Sunday, Sept. 6, 1353 MDT--Phew! Jon Schwarz, at ATR, reminds me of a close call: If "thePrez" had actually supported Van Jones--one of the very few people anywhere in Washington, in EITHER "party" with a grain of integrity and an active social conscience--like Schwarz, I might have been forced to concede I'd misjudged Obama's character...and I hate having to admit a mistake..."Phew!" indeed...)


  1. Of course, you are right on - again. I can never hold HIGH office in this country - I say "asshole" and "fuck" way too much! Forget if one has a brain!

  2. Blacks make up a very powerful voting bloc within the Democratic Party and Yale Law grad Van Jones did not get cashiered because he was black. Just out of curiosity, who do you think is running the Obama administration and what do you think that person's feelings are towards black people?

    Was Van Jones treated poorly because of his race? Name the "white guy" in the administration who is being kept on despite their having been caught on tape calling the Right A-holes from a speaker's podium in front of a hundred or more people; who, on a previous occasion, had signed on with the Truthers; and who is associated with an organization which is leading a campaign to have sponsors boycott a show that the Fox News Channel presents nightly.

    There are a lot of black "guys" in this country who have been discriminated against because of their race and, as a result, they have suffered both economically and socially and have been treated unfairly by the legal system. To claim that racism was a factor in Van Jones resignation does a disservice to those in American society who are victims of racism and who deserve to raise that claim when they seek redress of their grievances or relief from some of their resultant difficulties.

  3. If it is difficult to see the attack on Van Jones as equivalent of--and surrogates for--the racialist attacks on Obama, i think somebody's been drinking too much "post-racial" kool-aid...